Creating An Altar

Creating an Altar

Have you wanted to create a sacred altar?

I have been setting sacred space for most of my life, but I did not always realize that was what I was doing. I would set space on my dressers and tables in my bedroom. I would consciously think about how I would want to arrange things and I would always lay down a piece of cloth to bring in color and beauty. The items that I would select were intentional. These are some of the elements that are used in setting an altar space. 

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The Key to Valentine's is Self-Love

Blog Headers for Lisa Eleni for 2021

As consumers, we tend to lavish our loved ones with chocolates, flowers, and other tokens of love to let them know they are important to us. It is great to be able to express our love on this special day in February and it can even bring us joy to see others react to our expressions of love. There definitely can be magic in the exchange; but what will you do when the flowers die, or the chocolates run out?

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Frame Drum & the Feminine Lineage

Frame Drum Lineage

Handheld frame drums are one of the oldest known musical instruments. Historians have found images of the frame drum on caves, painted on walls, burial goods, and on pottery. These images show the importance of the frame drum in the daily life of ancient societies. These images also show women as drummers throughout Mesopotamia, Turkey, Egypt, Greece and Israel. Many of these early cultures were based on the worship of the Mother Goddesses and other females deities.

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Dragon Realm Guides

Dragon Realm Guides

Dragons come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. They are present in all cultures in one form or another. Dragons are powerful guides for each of your journeys.  At this time of year we are faced with many choices, how do we let go of the year past or frankly forget about it! How do we prepare for the new one, or what path lays before me, do I go right, or do I go left? Do I stay the course and hope for the best? Many DNA downloads have happened over the past year and we are feeling the effects. Mother Gaia is healing, and she is ready for us to support her in new and vibrant ways. 

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Why 2021 is the Year to Fine Tune Your Moral Compass

1 Why 2021 is the Year to Fine Tune Your Moral Compass

Last year tested us all in ways we never could’ve expected.  Our stability and sense of order were disrupted and remade.  In 2021, we’re being asked to make sense of our new order; we’ll fine-tuning our moral compass by focusing on the organizations and institutions we associate with and why they are important.  This fine-tuning will ultimately ask us to transform.

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Business Corner: Before You Hang Your Shingle

Business Corner Before You Hang Your Shingle

Are you ready to start your own spiritual business?

When you first connect with your spiritual gifts, you are excited and ready to share your gifts with the world. You see other gifted spiritual leaders sharing their gifts and you dream of that success for yourself as well. Before you hang your shingle, you need to understand that you are starting a business. When you are offering services and classes at our center or anywhere else, it is the first step in starting your own business and it will require you to nurture and work on all the elements of a business.

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The Mystery School: Sacred Priesthood

The Mystery School Sacred Priesthood

What is the Mystery? What is Sacred Priesthood?

In 2011, I was led to the Mystery School. I did not fully understand at the time where this spiritual path would take me. However, I knew that I was being called to step into the teachings and to integrate them into all areas of my life. The Divine has a way of nudging, pulling, and even dragging us on our spiritual journey. The truth is that we committed to this path long before we were born. Most of the individuals that come have been called to this path numerous times. They do not always know “why” it is so important for them, but they do know that they must attend.

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