Take a Moment to Connect

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Do you take time to connect and be present in your life? Do you build relationships with the energies that are trying to communicate with you?

Most spiritual practices and teachings include the elements of meditation, mindfulness, stillness, and being in the moment. Meditation is a technique that is used to develop your spiritual gifts, make connections with your spirit guides, and expand your consciousness to be more present in your life. This will require practice.

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Giving Thanks

How Learning Your Earth Sign Can Empower You

November is a month of gratitude, but do you think about all of the things in your life that you are grateful for all year long?

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The Energy of November

\11.21 The Month of November

The Energy of November

November is the month of Service & Gratitude

The month of November holds the energy of Service & Gratitude. This month is about how you can be of service to the yourself and the world.This is the time of year that most people look for opportunities to be of service to others that may not be as fortunate. However, find ways to be of service throughout the year. Make sure you hold a space of gratitude this month for all that you have and give back to the world as much as you can.  

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Lighting Up Your Holidays

Lighting Up Your Holidays

As we move into the end of the year, it is important to get your expectations and intentions set for the holiday season.  Everyone’s expectations will be different for various reasons, but it is important as the holidays approach to be mindful of your energy and how to shine your light during the next two months.   

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Change is in the Air, Stepping into our Power

How Learning Your Earth Sign Can Empower You

It's that time of year to release the old and bring in the new. Although this is true every fall, there is a different vibe in the air this time around. The archangels report that it's time for us to step into the power of who we really are, who we came here to be and to walk in our power.

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Business Corner: Shifting Perspective

10.21 Business Corner Shift Perspective

Has the pandemic created changes in your business?

The pandemic has provided many gifts and challenges for small businesses. What has changed for you and your business? The market is constantly changing. The pandemic seemed to accelerate the changes. Many business owners had to quickly shift directions.

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