Certificate Programs

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts offers a variety of certification programs for individuals that are looking for professional programs to expand their lives and spiritual work. 

We offer these programs:

  • Angelic Reiki
  • Akashic Records
  • Crystal Alchemy
  • Reiki with the Violet Flame

Check out the different programs offered below. 

Akashic RecordReader Certification

The Akashic Records or the "Book of Life" is the super-mainframe storage system where all information is stored etherically on every soul. The Records contain the information on every thought, word spoken and action that every individual since the dawn of Creation. It is a powerful system that is interactive and influential on our lives, relationships, belief systems, programming and potential possibilities in the future.

This program is for the individual that has been called to the Akashic Records as part of their work. This tool can be integrated with many other forms of modalities. This program is taught by Vialet Rayne. 

The four levels of this program include:

  • The Akashic Records & You
  • Healing with the Records
  • Mastering Your Life with the Records

The Akashic Records program includes:

  • Self-published book 100+ pages
  • 8 hours of classroom instruction and in-class assignments
  • 3 hours of out-of-class practice and assignments
  • Each individual is required to complete three readings in exchange for feedback before starting the next level of the program

Vialet has been working in the Records, since 2009. She has studies with several teachers, completed four Akashic Record programs and has studied several resources on the Akashic Records. 

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Crystal Wisdom

Do you love crystals? Would you like to learn more about the Crystal Kingdom? Vialet has been teaching crystal classes for several years. She shares her wisdom of the crystals in a fun and interactive program.

Who should attend? This program is great for anyone that loves crystals. It is a wonderful program for teenagers that are sensitive to energies and are seeking support on their spiritual journey. My grandson, Lance, has really loved connecting to the crystals and having them support him daily. He has been attending these classes for several years and will be assisting me with these classes in 2020. 

Each of the classes allow the individual to connect to eight different crystals. You are given an opportunity to connect with the energies of the crystals. NOTE: If the crystal is not available in the retail store, Vialet will present an alternative crystal. 

You do not have to attend these in order. You may jump into the series at anytime. This program does not require that you take all of the classes. 

  • Class #1: Introduction to Crystals: You will learn how to select, clear and activate your crystals. This program is offered in January.
  • Class #2: Brown Crystals:You will connect with Turritella, Andalusite, Axinite Bronzite, Calcite, Petrified Wood, Stromatolite, Tiger Eye Gold and Zebra Jasper. This program is offered in February.
  • Class #3: Black Crystals: You will connect with Zebra Agate, Apache Tears, Astrophyllite, Hematite, Rutilated Quartz, Onyx, Shungite and Tourmaline. This program is offered in March.
  • Class #4: White Crystals: You will connect with Quartz, Howlite, Selenite, Moonstone, Desert Rose, Faden Quartz, Tourmalinated Quartz, and Angel Aura. This program is offered in April.
  • Class #5Blue Crystals: You will connect with Angelite, Apatite, Aragonite Blue, Iolite, K2 Jasper, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite and Tiger Eye Blue. This program is offered in May.
  • Class #6: Green Crystals: You will connect with Aventurine, Fluorite, Malachite, Obsidian, Prehnite, Rhyolite, Serpentine and Unakite. This program is offered in June.
  • Class #7: Pink Crystals: You will connect with Agate Pink, Calcite Pink, Calcite Salmon, Leopard Skin Jasper, Cherry Quartz, Rose Quartz, Rhodonite and Rhodochrosite. This program is offered in July.
  • Class #8Red Crystals: You will connect with Goldstone Red, Poppy Jasper, Red Jasper, Red Malachite, Mahogany Obsidian, Petrified Wood, Sedona Red and Tiger Eye Red. This program is offered in August.
  • Class #9Orange Crystals: You will connect with Fire Agate, Aura Champagne, Calcite, Carnelian, Hematoid, Calligraphy Jasper, Selenite Orange and Sunstone. This program is offered in September.
  • Class #10Purple Crystals: You will connect with Amethyst, Amethyst Banded, Auralite, Charolite, Iolite, Kyanite Ruby, Lepidolite and Lavender Quartz. This program is offered in October.
  • Class #11: Yellow Crystals: You will connect with Aventurine, Honey Calcite, Citrine, Bumble Bee Jasper, Picture Jasper, Obsidian, Smoky Quartz and Septarian. This program is offered in November.
  • Class #12: You will learn about Crystal Grids and you will build a large crystal grid on the floor. This program is offered in December. 

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Sign up today and join us for these classes! Cost: $40 per class

Reiki with the Violet Flame

Reiki is a healing technique that provides stress reduction and relaxation and it also promotes healing. This healing is administered by "laying on hands" and allowing the "life force energy" to flow through the practitioner to the client. The Reiki symbols and healing was used during the time of Atlantis and Lemuria. This ancient healing technique was given within the ancient Healing Temples. The Reiki symbols connect us to the ancient wisdom and healing powers of that time. Before the destruction of Atlantis and Lemuria these teachings and the symbols were moved to Japan.

In Japan, Mikao Usui connected to these ancient teachings. Today, Usui Reiki is offered to students as traditional and non-traditional styles of healing. Reiki is taught in many different forms all over the country and in many parts of the world. We will be offering a non-traditional style of Reiki integrated with the energies of the Violet Flame.

Master Saint Germain has given us the healing gift of the Violet Flame to use for transmutation and transformation. Germain is the Master Alchemist, Hierarch of the Aquarian Age and the Chohan of the Seventh Ray. The violet flame has been used by the saints and adepts to accelerate their spiritual development and growth. It will release all things that no longer serve you and it brings in the energies of the violet flame for transformation.

Vialet Rayne has partnered with Salina Leslie to combine two powerful healing techniques: Reiki and the Violet Flame have been combined into one healing modality.

  • Salina will be teaching Level I and Level II of the program
  • Salina and Vialet will be teaching the Masters Level of the program
  • Vialet will be teaching the Business program for Reiki with the Violet Flame. 


HEALING YOU: This program is focused on YOU! It is about self-healing. The energy of Reiki and the Violet Flame will transmute, heal and transform your life. Are you ready to accelerate your spiritual growth and ascension? 


HEALING OTHERS: This program is focused on you healing others. The tools provided in this program will allow you to transmute imbalanced and negative energies in others, remove blocks and obstacles that prevent people from moving forward and tools that will transform energies into spiritual empowerment.


MASTER LEVEL: This program is focused on you mastering these healing tools and integrating them in all areas of your life. How are you mastering your life with these new tools? What has shifted in your life? This class will be focused on you mastering your healing techniques and tools.

NOTE: Vialet will be offering Reiki & the Violet Flame IV: Business Tools.

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Registration is very important for these classes. You must register and pre-pay seven days before the class starts to ensure that we have materials for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the center at 720.573.4275.




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