Classes & Programs

The center offers a variety of classes, certifications, workshops, playshops and events each month. We post our class schedule on the:

There is something for everyone! Some of our programs will be offered on a regular basis. 

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts offers online (self-paced) educational, online (virtual) and in-person programs. The DYSG Academy offers self-paced online programs for the individual that may not live in Denver, but would like to attend a class. Check out programs: Click here

Out of Town Guests: We have individuals that travel into Denver each month to attend classes. Check out the information for individuals that may be considering traveling to Denver for a program: Out of Town Travel

You can find out more about our programs by visiting our center in Littleton or by calling 720.573.4275.

It is so important that you register for the classes and programs at the center. The instructors do their best to prep and have an appropriate number of materials for their classes. If you have not registered and the class is full, you will not be guaranteed a seat. 

The center will cancel classes due to severe weather. If the schools, government offices and/or the base is closed, we will make a determination for the center. If we make a decision to close the center, we will post an update on our Facebook page.

You may call the center at 720.573.4275 for updated information. 

Mystery School (In-person) Classes & Events

Are you seeking more for your life? 

Have you been searching for answers? 

Are you drawn to the mysteries of the universe?

These programs are not a class. It is a transformational path for the individual seeking the universal truth and connection to their divinity. This is for individuals that are being called to the Hierarchy of Light. The individuals that commit to this path are ready to do the work and to find their divine purpose. This program will shift your perspective, change your direction and empower you to manifest more joy and happiness in your life. 

The Sacred Temple Mystery School is for the students that are searching for the deep esoteric teachings of the universe. Vialet has gathered teachings from her own spiritual journey including all of her classes and research from her twenty years of spiritual ascension and transformation. 

NOTE: Sacred Priesthood must be taken before the other programs. 


Warriors of Light

The Alchemist

The Scholar

Coming in 2023

DNA Activations

Coming in 2023

Certification (In-Person) Classes & Events

Are you seeking to be a spiritual practitioner? 

Are interested in learning more about the Akashic Records?

Are you ready for ascension?


This program is for the individual that wants to learn more about making major shifts and changes on the quantum field with the akasha. The Akashic Records hold all the information of your past, present and future possiblities. It is the record keeper for all that there is. 


This program is for anyone seeking to bring in Light to their life. It will raise your vibration and accelerate your ascension. If you are being called to this program, you have been asking for changes in your life and you are looking to shift your personal life. 

It is also for professional practitioners that want to offer more to their clients. This healing practice will transform your life and the lives of your clients. 

Akashic Records

with Vialet Rayne

Angelic Reiki

with Vialet Rayne

Crystal Alchemy

with Vialet Rayne

Series (In-person) Classes & Events

These programs offer a series of education in specific areas and fields. You are required to complete all the classes. 

Divine Healing Series

With Michele Thomas

Shamanic Series

with Corinne Echols

Monthly (In-person) Classes & Events

DYSG offers several monthly programs. These programs are different each month, so you can attend one or all of them. There is something for everyone at DYSG. We love providing you with a variety of programs to choose from. 

NOTE: Many of these programs sell out! You will need to register early to get your spot. Sign up today!

Astrology & Planetary

with Beth Sontheimer

Crystal Alchemy

with Vialet Rayne


Develop Your Gifts

with Vialet Rayne

Psychic Development

Drum Circle

With Corinne Echols

Message Gallery

Receive Spiritual Messages 

Vialet & Michele

Moon Ceremony

with Vialet Rayne

Ritual, Ceremony & Fun

Past Life Messages

with Akashaman

Sound Bath

with Vialet & Corinne


Tarot Series

with Lily Cadillac

Fun & Interactive (In-person) Classes & Events

Check out some of our programs that we offer throughout the year to our community. These magical and interactive programs bring in fun and play to your life. 

Bath Salts

Drum Making

with Corinne Echols

Intention Candles

Magical Fairy Playshop

Active Classes & Events

Check out these active programs that are offered weekly and monthly at the center. 

Gentle Flow Yoga


Kundalini Yoga


Check Schedule


Discover Your Spiritual Gifts (DYSG) offers two types of virtual programs. 

  • LIVE ZOOM: These programs are scheduled and the facilitators provide educational and interactive events for the community. The events are posted on our Meetup, Eventbrite and Facebook Event page. The title will have [ONLINE] for all of our live online programs. 
  • SELF-PACED VIRTUAL: These programs are self-paced and allow the individual to complete the lectures, meditations, exercises online. Find out more at: Click here

These professional educational programs can be attended from anywhere. Our programs attract students from all over the world. Check out our website that is dedicated to our virtual and online offerings: 

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

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