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Discover Your Spiritual Gifts (DYSG) offers a wide variety of classes and programs for individuals in all stages of spiritual growth and learning.

In order to better serve our tribe, we have listed some general information about the different levels of our classes and programs, below.

We all have our own belief systems and structures. It is important that when participating in any class or program, you use your own personal filter system in order to determine what information resonates with you and what does not.

The individuals teaching at DYSG have done their best to place programs in the appropriate categories:


These programs are open to everyone in the community. Individuals at all levels would find the program and information valuable. 


These individuals have recently awakened to their spirituality. They are excited and ready to learn new things and to receive new concepts and tools.

The classes and programs in this category are going to provide basic knowledge of concepts, topics and information.


Spiritual gifts and abilities may be showing up for individuals in this category. They may have participated in many classes and programs, and/or gained knowledge through extensive reading. As they have progressed, they may have worked with a coach, teacher and/or counselor to assist them along their path of spiritual growth.

The classes and programs in this category are going to assume that you have a basic knowledge of terms, concepts and information. These individuals are invested in healing, growing and expanding their spiritual awareness and connection. They are learning to trust their inner guidance system or “intuition.”


This “awakened” group tends to seek out higher teachings, the deep esoteric wisdom, and their own divine knowingness within themselves. They have mastered their many gifts and tools within their own spiritual practice as well as teaching and sharing their gifts with others. They are continuously growing and expanding and they are much more selective when considering participation in classes or programs.

The offerings in this category are for individuals who are actively mastering their own life, their own healing, as well as the healing of others. These individuals are deeply committed to their own path of higher consciousness.


We offer several family-friendly programs. Make sure that you check each of the classes for any age limits that may be set for the class. 

If you have questions about classes or levels, please feel free to contact Vialet at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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