Sacred Priesthood - New Journey

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Sacred Priesthood is a divine walk with God focused on serving humanity. It is within our service that we connect with the work that we are here to do. This path is not focused on the individual and their works. It is focused on the work we do as a collective group for humanity. It is about love, compassion and service. This is our beginning as we start with Path #1.

"You are a priest forever, in the order of Melchizedek" Hebrew 7:17

If you are in this class, you have been called here. You have heard the call of your soul to step into your divinity and to be more than you are today! This decision is not one that you should take lightly. This journey requires that you are dedicated and committed to the work at hand.

This month is focused on the Earth elements in the direction of the South. You will be stepping into the sacred energies of the shamanic path of sacredness. The Native Americans were our teachers of connecting to Mother Gaia and all the earth energies. This month will honor the teachings of the Native American. 


  • Introduction
  • Sacred Priesthood Schedule
  • Your Life Reflection
  • The Invitation
  • Sacred Priesthood defined
  • Introduction to Melechezdek
  • Order of Melechezdek, Sacred Priesthood
  • Great White Brotherhood
  • Shaman Sacredness
  • The Medicine Wheel
  • The Apache Prayer
  • Cherokee Prayer
  • O'Great Spirit
  • Animal Spirits
  • White Buffalo Calf Woman
  • Medicine Woman/Man
  • Basics of Setting Altars
  • The Directions/Elements/Seasons
  • Archangels & Directions
  • Herbs & Essential Oils
  • The Grimoire
  • Sacred Presence
  • Your New Journey

The activity this month will be creating a medicine bag and essential oil blend for your sacred priesthood journey. 

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