Candle of Intention Class

This is a popular program. This workshop guides participants in creating candles of intention. 

The spiritual elements of the white candle include: 

  • The jar represents your body;
  • The wax represents your soul;
  • The flame represents your spirit;
  • And, the wick is your spiritual connection.

We take pride in making all-natural, organic and eco-friendly candles. No colors and/or fragrances. 

Palm Wax

The candle is made with palm wax. Palm wax is an all-natural, sustainable, and renewable resource.  The oil palm produces fruit in bunches, which are harvest, and send to palm oil mills where the oils are extracted, sterilized, clarified and purified into crude palm oil. The oil is sent to the refineries where it is processed into products such as cooking oil, shortening, cocoa butter, soaps, non-dairy creamers and candle wax. 

This wax is excellent for making candles. It resists melting in hot summer months. The wax can produce an infinite array of surface patterns ranging from complex crystalline designed to smooth solid colors. Using palm wax is very similar to traditional candle making techniques except there are no additives required. We keep the candle in the natural state by not adding coloring or fragrance to the candle wax.

The Discover Your Spiritual Gifts Candle Workshop was my second one. As a repeat participant, I am even more impressed with the quality of the workshop. Vialet really knows how to walk you through the process to arrive at a true awakening. I plan to complete a workshop every year. I see the value in my life and the lives of my family.

     -  Betty Wright (2016) 

Wood Wick

We use wooden wicks in our candle workshop. The wick is an innovative alternative to traditional cotton wicks. This ancient candle technology, creates a new standard to modern-day ambiance and illumination. Candles with wooden wicks provide a safer, cleaner burning, multi-sensory experience with visual ambiance and rare acoustic release. The wicks have no carbon buildup with little debris. The wooden wicks create a soft crackling noise when they are burned and have a cleaner burn across the candle. The wooden wicks are organic and eco-friendly.

When we place our intentions into motion, we must trust the process and be grateful to the gifts that we will receive. 

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

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