Our Virtual Programs

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts continues to expand their offerings for the community. We are offering two types of virtual programs:

  • Our Online Education with Teachable.com
  • Our Classes & Events with Zoom.com

It is important to us that we are able to continue to offer valuable programs to our community. Vialet continues to build new programs on the virtual platform.


Our Online Education

We have designed some online educational programs on Teachable.com. These programs offer a variety of audio, video and written lectures and lesson plans. The platform is easy to navigate and use. The system can be access from any device that has internet access. 


The benefits of these programs:

  • You choose when you would like to take the program
  • You choose what pace you want to take in completing the program

Seven Sacred Keys

The Seven Sacred Keys to Divine Living provides the individuals with tools to shift their lives. Vialet shares with you the Seven Sacred Keys of (1) Sacred Mindset, (2) Sacred Influences, (3) Sacred Relationships, (4) Sacred Healings, (5) Sacred Work, (6) Sacred Self and (7) Sacred Space. She has been called the "Queen of Sacredness" and she brings in ritual and sacredness into all the areas of her life. Are you ready to step in the life that you deserve? Are you ready to accept that you are a divine being living in a physical body?

This program will shift your perspective on life and allow you to create the life that you have dreamed of.

Access our virtual programs at: Click here

Your registration is FREE until April 30th, 2020 by using coupon code: FREEGIFT

Life As An Empath

These programs can be taken anytime and anywhere. As we all practice social distancing, DYSG is offering alternative programs that you can access from the comforts of your home. 

Empaths have a higher sensitivity to the energies around them. They bring a lot of heart to the people that they love and care about. These individuals have a difficult time protecting themselves from getting overwhelmed with the emotions and energies of others. This program will provide an overview of the blessings and challenges of being an Empath.

Vialet will be providing tools and techniques to assist these individuals in living a more joyful life. The information will include: (1) Definition of an Empath, (2) Blessing & Challenges, (3) Types of Empaths, (4) Life as an Empath, (5) Awareness, (6) Tools of Clearing, Protection & Energizing and (7) Techniques.

Are you an empath that is seeking tools and techniques for a better life? This program will provide you with valuable tools to living your life to the fullest.

Access our virtual programs at: Click here

Use coupon code HALFOFF for 50% off the course. 


Life As An Empath Course

"This course was very informative. I now know the types of empaths there are and this gives me a better understanding of the feelings i get throughout the day and what tools to use to help release what is not mine! The classes from Vialet are always amazing and informative. I can always count on more tools to add to my toolbox and continue my life’s journey as an empath and teacher✨✨" Christina

"Thank you Vialet. This was particularly helpful at this moment as I had become sticky from family affairs. I was struggling. In particular I like the heart technique and shield/crystal ball technique. In addition I want to incorporate more regular smudging, salt, crystals, breathwork and time in nature. I deeply thank you for sharing your offering with us." Missy

"Thank you! I learned several things I didn't know. I appreciate the tools!" Phyllis

Our Zoom Programs

We are offering some of our classes and events as a video conferencing program. Our facilitators are using Zoom Video Conferencing service to connect with you from the comforts of your home. If you do not currently have a zoom account, you will want to log in early to complete that process. The event posting will provide you with an link to access the program. 

Flow Your Magic

Katherine is offering her program, Flow Your Magic on different days and time. If you have ever wanted to feel what it is like to be the magical authentic you, this is your opportunity! The purpose of this event is to demonstrate the divine gifts we have been given that magically appear when we are called into divine action, the action of the loving, playful heart. 

Check out the schedule at: Click here

Tarot Series

Ever wondered what those pictures on the tarot cards mean? Now’s your chance to find out. This 4-class series will help you learn the tarot so you can tap into your connection with spirit. Understand symbolism, the difference between majors and minors, and how each of the four elements can work in harmony for you.

Find out more at: Click here

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