Danielle Golie

Danielle is a gifted energy healer and channel. She has the ability to support her clients in uncovering whats holding them back from living the lives they desire. When you gain the clarity of who you are while eliminating the blocks, then you are able to really manifest your hearts desires, your true soul's purpose.

Classes Offered

Danielle offers a variety of classes and events at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts. The offerings may change each month, so check out the calendar on Meetup. 

She offers:

Healing Circle with Danielle, supporting you to be the creator of your own life.

Join Danielle as she utilizes her divine intuition in an intimate group setting, the sacred circle. Where Danielle will facilitate a completely unique and powerful healing experience with the love and compassion only Danielle offers while channeling her spirit guides.

Gathering together in a circle is a primordial human tradition. Coming into circle we are able to move outside our normal sense of space and time and into a sacred space. This space allows us to connect to a deeper wisdom within, to a power of love and community.

Circles are intended to support you individually as well as the collective of the group. Danielle's Spirit Guides bring in a Hi Vibrational healing energy that is in the highest good for all individuals in the circle. There is no accidents for who will gather together at this time.

If you are feeling called to join please grab your seat as the circle is Limited to 12 attendees. Investment is $25.00

Danielle Golie



"Instead of wandering through retirement lost without direction, Danielle is teaching me how to live with purpose and meaning!" Paula

"My life was like a corked bottle. Many emotions stirring inside and no where to go. Danielle has helped to uncork these emotions and send them on a POSITIVE path. I wake up excited about living in the day instead of fighting the day. My life feels more balanced and my true authentic self is awakening and it’s all because of Danielle’s guidance. Thank you Danielle: Delonna

"My session with Danielle confirmed so many messages I have been receiving. She assisted me in clearing stuck energy and guided me towards embracing my path. I am so grateful that she is sharing her gifts. Love is her mission!" Ryann

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