Our 2019 Shows

We have a radio show / podcast on Blog Talk Radio called Discover Your Spiritual Gifts. The purpose of this show is to provide stimulating discussions about spirituality and metaphysics, interviews with guests, information about upcoming events, and insights into the spiritual realm. This is a FREE resource that we are offering to our community! 

The show hosts include:

  • Vialet Rayne, the magical creator of Discover Your Spiritual Gifts. Vialet is a Sacred Priestess & Spiritual Guide that assists individuals in living a life of purpose, joy, and abundance. 
  • Dave the Mystic is a multi-faceted healer utilizing many different healing modalities combined with his other gifts.
  • Jason Antalek, whose mission is to provide practical information that can be immediately applied to align you with your Divinity and Life Purpose.

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If you are interested in being a guest, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get details about the show and to request an interview.

The Inaugural Show

Show launch with our three hosts! Vialet, Jason, and Dave share information about themselves and the focus for this show. 

Susanah Magdalena

Susanah Magdalena shares with us information on channeling.  She will also be discussing her system called The Healing Path of the Rose. 

Granddaughter Crow

Internationally recognized as a Medicine Women and published author, Dr. Joy "Granddaughter Crow" Gray was born an Empath and Medium.  

Jennifer Lonnberg

Jennifer Lonnberg is a gifted Christian psychic and has many insights for clients. In this show, we discuss many topics including developments of gifts, ET influences, and working with energy.

Brenda Hardwick

Brenda Hardwick is an author and also teacher and practitioner of Seraphic Wisdom.  Brenda is a health coach, Laughter Yoga leader, and Shamanic Reiki master.

David Young

David Young is a public speaker and teacher of over 400 meditation workshops, a painter who won Best Booth at Art Basel/Spectrum in 2018, and a twice Grammy Nominated musician who plays two renaissance flutes at one time in harmony. 

Shirley Bolstok

Shirley Bolstok is an intuitive reader, a medium, and an energy worker. She is a medium, clairvoyant, and clairaudient and works with the transformation of DNA. 

Richelle Kemper & Marva Jolly

Richelle Kemper and Marva Jolly are both talented healers that have developed a wonderful line of spiritual products based on the use of crystals and infusing products with their energies.

Christine Alexandria

Christine Alexandria is a Transformational Coach and author.  She has a fascinating story about living an average, good but unfulfilling life. She is the creator of Angel Chatter.

Charles Cox

Charles is a Psychic Medium, and a Spiritualist Minister ordained at Sunset Spiritualist Church in 1991. He teaches psychic development classes and reads for clients both locally and internationally. 

Donna DeNomme

Donna DeNomme is a role model for using life challenges as opportunities to propel oneself into an extraordinary life. She is an accomplished teacher, licensed Success Coach, workshop facilitator, and ceremonial leader in private practice since 1987. 

Mark “Dr. DREAM” Peebler

Mark “Dr. DREAM” Peebler, who has over 20 years of experience guiding, mentoring, and empowering students, organizations, and corporations in building, reaching and sustaining their full potential. He is an entrepreneur, humanitarian, and international speaker.

Pixi Eagleheart

Pixi Eagleheart has many insights related to creating blends for different purposes and discusses these in detail.  She is insightful and provides a lot of information on why we have these blends, how to use them, different purposes and more.

Rebecca Rosen

Rebecca Rosen’s gifts first showed up in 1997.  She was having some severe health problems. She began to pray and her Grandma Babe, who had died 10 years earlier, showed up for her. Her gifts have continued to grow and evolve since then.

Emily Blank

Emily Blank is a trance medium that has created her own modality of energy healing, which she calls Source Immersion Therapy. During client sessions, she channels the personal creation energy that matches the vibrations of her clients.

Dave the Mystic

Dave Barnett is an energy healer and intuitive with over 35 years' experience in Colorado. He has multiple technical degrees and is truly a rocket scientist.

Joanne Palladino

JoAnne Palladino is a channel for Shmaya, the Language of Light.  Shmaya is an illumined presence that is from beyond the beyond.  The light language spontaneously started to be channeled through JoAnne eight years ago.

David Stevens

David Steven’s consulting style is compassionate and accurate, finding out what the true drivers are in your life situations. David provides energy and chakra clearing, energy healing, Tarot, meditation, and manifestation classes.

Sylvia Flesner

Sylvia Flesner, ND has training as a doctor of naturopathy and is involved in several alternative medical disciplines including homeopathy, nutrition, pressure points, herbology, massage, acupressure, reflexology, iridology, psychology, genetic disorders, and techniques for survival in the 21st century.

Lisa Wilson

Lisa Wilson is a transformational coach and founder of the Aspen Center for Empowerment and Healing.  For over 17 years, Lisa has guided her clients to release their subconscious programming and achieve remarkable success.

Sundara Fawn

Sundara Fawn is a fellow traveler on the spiritual journey. She is the creator of Reawakening the Soul, a revolutionary transformational program that blends a mixture of psychology, metaphysics, and psychology that guides others on a soul awakening adventure. 

Tess Whitehurst

Tess Whitehurst has been interested in all things magical since childhood. Her parents remember the way she casually referred to the “different colors around people’s heads and shoulders,” and her preschool age backyard activities included intuitively performing nature rituals and speaking with faeries.

Shane Sale

Shane Sale is a gifted healer. He started out as a massage therapist 22 years ago. In 2016 he became a Medical Intuitive. In 2018, he deepened his Medical Intuition skills by learning to work with the DNA.

Melissa Feick

Melissa Feick has been called an “exceptional intuitive” and “has a perception beyond any other intuitives I know”. Her Spiritual Expansion Healing and Coaching is deep and transformational. She teaches and works with the Akashic Records.

Alisa Loper

Alisa Loper's known since she was a child that she is here to help people in a big way. She has always been highly intuitive, intensely sensitive to others' emotions, having a deep inner knowing of how to help, and extremely driven to help those that are hurting.

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