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We have a radio show / podcast on Blog Talk Radio called Discover Your Spiritual Gifts. The purpose of this show is to provide stimulating discussions about spirituality and metaphysics, interviews with guests, information about upcoming events, and insights into the spiritual realm. This is a FREE resource that we are offering to our community! 

The show hosts include:

  • Vialet Rayne, the magical creator of Discover Your Spiritual Gifts. Vialet is a Sacred Priestess & Spiritual Guide that assists individuals in living a life of purpose, joy, and abundance. 
  • Dave the Mystic is a multi-faceted healer utilizing many different healing modalities combined with his other gifts.

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If you are interested in being a guest, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get details about the show and to request an interview.

Bernadette King

Bernadette King is a professional psychic medium and tarot reader, lover of puns and exclamation points!  She is a seeker. She is the creator of The Ark Tarot and Oracle deck. 

Cyndi Stewart

Cyndi Stewart, PhD, FNLP (Functional Nutrition Lifestyle Practitioner) created a Mystic's approach that gets to the root causes of unresolved health issues for well-being through focusing on the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Jude Starks

Jude Starks is a gifted, evidential psychic medium, trance medium, an intuitive development and psychic mediumship trainer, speaker, pharmacist, and health coach. She is a master practitioner and trainer of NLP, MER, and hypnosis and is a reiki master teacher and spiritualist.

Tiffany Mair

Tiffany Mair is a certified Sistership Circle facilitator and leads women’s circles in-person and online. Being in circle is a transformative experience that has had a profound impact on Tiffany’s life.

Carla Morrow

Carla Morrow is a fantasy artist specializing in painting True Dragons and capturing their energies on paper. She has been channeling Dragon Energy and capturing them lovingly in watercolor for 20 years. 

Dawna Campbell

Dawna Campbell has an international private practice where she works with clients in the areas of improving health, wealth, and relationships utilizing the ThetaHealing® technique.

Jennifer Lonnberg

When Jennifer was very young, she saw Angels and Jesus.  She didn’t realize other people in her church didn’t see them like she did.  Next, she became aware that “church people” thought that being psychic was evil.  She had to learn to be careful who she discussed this with.

Don Moreau

Don lives in Blue Mountain, Colorado. He is a Natural-Born Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Medium, Empath, Sensitive, and Intuitive. Since discovering his abilities at age 10 he has gone on to become Internationally known.

Danielle Golie

As a Professional Empathic Intuitive, Spiritual Mentor, and CEO of HiVibe Healing, Danielle has 20 years of experience mentoring women to embody their personal unique gifts and healing past influences so they may live more purposefully.  

Corinne Echols

Corinne has found her joy in helping others find a path to facilitate their own healing and happiness. She is a Shamanic Healer and Herbalist. She is an amazing healer and coach. 

Debbie Solaris

Debbie Solaris is an ET contactee, interdimensional travel expert, and galactic historian. She feels that it’s a big part of her mission while here on Earth to help awaken others to their own true Divine selves and cosmic origins.

Mary Lloyd

Mary Lloyd is a medium and animal intuitive. She brings people together with their guides, loved ones who have crossed over, and animal companions. Mary provides channeled messages and healing. 

Johanna Alper

Johanna Alper, the Healer’s Coach, has been a Classical Acupuncturist and teacher in Boulder, Colorado since 1981. She now coaches mission-inspired entrepreneurs to attract more clients and prosper by utilizing the 5 Chinese Medicine Energetic Success Principles.

Melinda Gillette

Melinda Gillette is an Animal Communicator, Healing Touch for Animals practitoner, Reiki Master/Teacher, and a channel for the Animal Collective. 

Colleen Andraste

Colleen Andraste is a Certified Psychic, Spirit Medium, and a Channel for the Angelic Realm. She is well-known as a gifted intuitive healer and Licensed Massage Therapist. 

Mandara Cromwell

Mandara Cromwell, D.C.M. (Doctorate of Cymatic Medicine), is an American woman entrepreneur and inventor, who is the CEO and President of Cyma Technologies, the manufacturing company for her own inventions – the AMI Acoustic Meridian Intelligence devices. 

Kristine Kieland

Kristine Kieland is a natural born intuitive and medium. As a child, Kristine thought everyone saw, felt, and understood more than what was being said by others. This was her natural state of being.

Kendara Laurel

Kendara Laurel has been involved in metaphysics for over 35 years. Her readings are empowering and helpful. She is a practicing and teaching Intuitive, psychic, Clairaudient (intuitive hearing), Clairvoyant (intuitive seeing), and Tarot reader.

Michele Thomas

Michele Thomas is a medical intuitive, channeled energy healer, and spiritual advisor with her company, Radiant Living. She feels drawn to helping others reclaim their health and wellness so they can live a radiant life.

Hollister Rand

Hollister Rand is an internationally renowned medium, author, and speaker. She provides specific messages from loved ones in spirit with feeling, heart, and grace.

Linda Schiller

Linda Schiller is a graduate of Boston University School of Social Work and is a licensed independent clinical social worker. She has written the book, Modern Dreamwork. 

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