Kathy Pelmo

Kathy is an Akashic Record reader and also works with Grandmother Joseph and a group consciousness known as The Elders. Her readings combine the Truths contained in the Records and channeling the wisdom of The Elders.

Kathy is also a healing catalyst using the tools of Reiki, Feng Shui and the Akashic Records to support and empower you to heal yourself.

Classes Offered

Kathy teaches a variety of classes.

Most people think of Buddhism as a religion. But it is really a mind training program. Chief among the tools used in Buddhism to train the mind are 59 pithy slogans, collectively called lojong.

Somewhere between 980 & 1052 CE, Atisha brought these slogans from his home in India to Tibet. The Tibetan diaspora, after the Chinese invasion of Tibet, brought the slogans to the West. Working with them settles the mind and awakens the practitioner to what lies beneath the busyness of our Western minds. Lojong will also open the heart, easing the faithful practitioner into a space of more compassion and acceptance; for ourselves and for others.

This class meets every Monday from 6:30 to 8, beginning 9/17. Come when you can, miss a week when you must. We will read one slogan a week and contemplate the accompanying commentary. Most importantly, we will discuss how the lojong wisdom relates to our own everyday life situations. Our main commentary will be “Start Where You Are”, by Pema Chodron.

There is no set fee for classes. However, your donation will be gratefully accepted and appreciated.



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