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Fairy Reiki

Fairy Reiki combines the healing modality of Reiki with the playful and loving energies of the fairies. It provides a unique healing approach that brings in the energies of nature, the elements, and the fairies.

The program will provide you with an understanding of the fairies. These sessions will bring healing to your inner child, emotional healing, and will be the guidance to bring in more joy and happiness in your life.

Who should take this class:

  • Individuals that want a connection with the Fairy Kingdom
  • Individuals that have been called to Fairy Reiki
  • Individuals that are seeking healing of the inner child
  • Individuals that desire to heal wounds from emotional abuse and trauma
  • Individuals that need more play, laughter, and joy in their life
  • Healing practitioners that are seeking another tool for the practice

This is offered in one program during a weekend:

  • Friday: 5 PM - 8 PM
  • Saturday: 10 AM - 5 PM
  • Snday: 10 AM - 5 PM

COST: $288

Limited to 8 students.

Class must have at least 2 registered students or will be canceled.

More information to come! You can call the center to register at 720.573.4275.


Register Today

You may register online OR you may register at the center. NOTE: If you register at the center, you will earn loyalty points (2.5 points for every dollar). 

September 2023

Weekend Program

Friday, September 29th at 5 PM

Saturday, September 30th at 10 AM

Sunday, October 1st at 10 AM

May 2024

Weekend Program

Friday, May 31st at 5 PM

Saturday, June 1st at 10 AM

Sunday, June 2nd at 10 AM

September 2024

Weekend Program

Friday, September 13th at 5 PM

Saturday, September 14th at 10 AM

Sunday, Septtember 15th at 10 AM

Program Agendas

We are currently finalizing this program. The agenda will be updated as sections are completed.

ONLINE: This program will also be offered online starting May 30th, 2023. If you are interested in taking online, please email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. When the program is ready, we will notify you.

Day 1

  • ACTIVITY: Your Fairy Name
  • Introductions
  • Fairy Advice
  • Goals for the Program
  • Opening Meditation: Cleansing
  • Introduction to Fairy Reiki
  • The Movie: Fairy Tale
  • Are Fairies Real?
  • Differences of Fae, Faerie/faery, & Fairy
  • Are you a Fairy? Elemental Fairy
  • Fairies
  • Lessons of Peter Pan & Tinker Bell
  • Fairy Lore
  • Types of Fairies
  • Folklore: Fairy Realm
  • Leaders of the Fairy Realm
  • Attracting the Fairies
  • The Fairy Garden
  • Dedicating a Fairy Garden
  • A Fairy Ring

    • LUNCH

    • Attunement
    • Fairy Reiki Attunement
    • Fairy Reiki Symbols
    • The Fairy Tree
    • Fairy Dust
    • ACTIVITY: Fairy Dust
    • Fairy Altars
    • ACTIVITY: Fairy Altar
    • Fairy Card Readings
    • PRACTICE: Fairy Card Readings

    Day 2

    • Opening Meditation: Cleansing 
    • My Journey through the Forest
    • Professional Practices
    • Document: Sample Email
    • Document: Client Disclosure Form
    • Document: What to Expect After a Reiki Session Form
    • Pricing Your Services
    • Business Structure
    • Professional Business
    • Healing with the Fairies
    • The Elements & Bodies
    • The Elements
    • Attunement: Day 2
    • 21 Days of Clearing
    • Being of Service
    • Getting Started
    • Setting Sacred Space


      • Fairy Reiki Healing
      • PRACTICE: Fairy Reiki
      • Fairy Reiki Self-Healing
      • Elemental Healing
      • PRACTICE: Elemental Healing
      • Inner Child Wounds
      • Inner Child Healing
      • Emotional Healing
      • PRACTICE: Emotional Healing
      • Rainbow Healing Light
      • PRACTICE: Rainbow Healing



        Tricia has been studying with Vialet at Discover You Spiritual Gifts for several years. She is a certified Angelic Reiki Master/Teacher, Akashic RecordReader, Akashic RecordHealer, and is Sacred Priestess in The Order of Melchizedek. 

        She is very connected to the Fairy Kingdom. Tricia has a special connection to the fairies from past lives and holds the energies of the fairies within her soul essence. 

        Tricia was excited when Vialet asked her to co-author and teach this program at the center. Vialet and Tricia collaborate to bring a program that was balanced in healing techniques, elemental education, and fairy magic. This program will provide deep elemental and emotional healing to the participants. The fairies are ready to support you and your healing gifts. 


        "This was an amazing workshop. The instructor was very personable, knowledgeable and communication was clear and interactive. The book is beautiful and very informative. Enough information without being overwhelming. The section on business steps and advice is priceless! Thank you for adding that to the worship. Gentle yet powerful teachings. Thank you for putting it together so nicely and sharing with the rest of us."

        "I so enjoyed Fairy Reiki! Tricia taught this class with so much enthusiasm and knowledge! I enjoyed experiencing the healing Realm of the Fairies with my fellow classmates, setting a fairy altar and learning the healing techniques together!"

        "Amazing! The activities made it more fun and allowed our curiosity to come out and play. The book is fantastic. Great job putting it together and gathering all this information so nicely. Handouts are very convenient. Thank you!"

        "The class was a good balance of activities, (making fairy dust, practicing fairy card readings and Fairy Reiki) learning history and lore, sharing personal experiences, and receiving attunements."

        "Fairy Reiki is a powerful but gentle way to help ourselves and others to be in better balance and in harmony with the elements. And to nurture our inner child."

        "I loved learning about the lore associated with the Fairy Realm and the origins of Fairy Reiki, specifically the way in which the founder of Fairy Reiki, Violet Palle, described how she received this healing method during a mystical experience in Avalon. This history is great foundation for enriching the experience of the Fairy Realm meditations and attunements."

        "If you enjoy experiencing different energies in healing modalities, I would highly recommend Fairy Reiki! During the meditations, you will be transported to the beautiful Fairy Realm and receive the sacred healing symbols of this Reiki technique! Tricia teaches this class with passion and a rich knowledge of the Fairy Realm! You will learn the healing method, how to set a fairy altar, fairy card spreads for readings, and much more!"

        Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

        Business & Retail Hours

        Monday & Tuesday CLOSED
        Wednesday - Friday 10 am to 6:30 pm
        Saturday & Sunday 10 am to 5 pm
        CLOSED: New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving & Christmas

        CLOSED AT 4 PM: New Year's Eve, Fourth of July & Christmas Eve

        Address & Parking

        5808 S Rapp St, Suite 275
        Littleton, CO 80120

        FREE PARKING at Little Creek Building & across the street.

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