Flow Your Magic

If you have ever wanted to feel what it is like to be the magical authentic you, this is your opportunity!

About this Event
The purpose of this event is to uncover, explore and utilize the divine gifts we have been given that magically appear when we are called into divine action, the action of the loving, playful heart. Our inner spirit beckons us to use the flow of love to be of service in the world. When we choose to use this flow, magical gifts can emerge; capabilities that we did not know existed before we chose to be in the flow of love can arrive in a most surprising and wonderful way.

Even if you are already using your soul gifts in service, you may be looking for a way to collectively experience the fun and flow available to you to do so in a group setting and fine-tune your intuitive talents.

Within this collection of fun-loving beings, we will choose to flow love with the intention to create a field of the awakening of our natural gifts and then use them as they are called into action to bring everyone into this field. The purpose of this action is to playfully create group synergy with the field of love and magic itself. It is then the intention of the event to be given a gift of love from the field- the gift of a new capability, or awakening. The presents of presence.

Come join the magic of your deepest most playful self at its finest. If you have recently been called into divine service and you do not know of your divine gifts as yet it is ok. This field is a field that asks us only to give of our true nature, our loving presence. If you have recently found your gifts and have been looking for a place to use them, this is a safe and inviting place to do so. It is the intention of the event to bring us all further into the comfort and enjoyment of our calling in the world.

I cordially invite you to be as you are, come as you are, and play as you wish to play in the field of loving acceptance of all that you are. This means you may feel you are having an “off” day, come this way. You may feel you have nothing left to give, come this way. You may feel your wings need polishing, come to polish them here. You may feel you are the only one who is misunderstood in your family, we will love you any way you are, please come.

Have you heard the call to arrive from your soul here? If so, you are so welcome to join us at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts Center to Flow Your Magic…

A note from Katherine's guides to her before the first Flow Your Magic soul gift exchange: "It is the most natural event you could hold as it comes from an inner desire to play that we all have; all of us embodied or not. Many beings will want to witness this event so don’t be surprised if the room feels packed with potential, because it will be. "

A note from Katherine: "And so it was... 💖 I received this comment from several of the opening night's participants, "It was so much fun!"😀🤩😀 Other soul gift exchanges, produced these comments, "It was so powerful I'm practically speechless, wow!" and "It was such a magical experience! I loved being in a safe space to let go, relax, and enjoy the gifts my soul is yearning for me to notice.“

What to bring: You and a willingness to flow your heart and play. If you use tools of any physical nature in the services you usually provide, these will not be necessary. This class is about accessing the ground state of being to find the gifts that you take anywhere and everywhere you go.

The cost for the event is $6.

To prepay for the event and reserve your spot, please use this link: https://katherineblaketomasson.com/flow-your-magic/

Come play in the MAGIC of you!

Kate Tomasson

About Katherine Blake Tomasson

Katherine Blake Tomasson is a gifted channel and spiritual facilitator of the field of divine gifts. Her practice has given her the gift of being present with the field of love so thoroughly that the unexpected is sure to happen in a most engaging and playful way. Her work in the multidimensional field of cooperation has brought many people into reconnection with their soul essence and the magic that can bring joy naturally back into their lives and the lives they touch. If you wish to have a private session with her to uncover your soul essence and gifts please see her website at https://katherineblaketomasson.com/your-ticket-to-joy/ for more information. However, prior awareness of your essence and gifts is not required.

For more about what people are saying who have worked with Katherine click on this link: https://katherineblaketomasson.com/testimonials/

Event Schedule

November 5th, 2020

November 15th, 2020


December 3rd, 2020

December 13th, 2020



Due to the size of our classroom, Discover Your Spiritual Gifts tends to sell out a handful events each month. We are often turning folks away at the door that did not pre-register to reserve their spot. If you want to have a guaranteed spot, you MUST register in advance - even for free events. Regardless of when you marked yourself as going, attendees with confirmed registration information will be given seat priority. Thank you for understanding!


"What a magical experience! I love being in a safe place to let go, relax and enjoy the gifts of my soul is yearning for me to notice" Angela Fox

"This was such a superbly energetic experience! I could feel the energy field created by the group - I actually stuck my hands into the energy field and they got hot and pulsed. Now I just want to touch someone to flow this energy through my hands. I will play with this joyfully." Jewlz Ivary

"Very enlightening experience!" Chuck Ross

"Loved the session. A wonderful, beautiful, exciting and great expereince of joy!" Julie Kudryasheva

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