Gabriella Vadehra

Hello, bright shining light!

My name is Gabriella Vadehra, and I am a psychic and counselor. I was born highly intuitive but spent the first many years of my life innocently suppressing my gift. This is because I started teaching myself at a young age that, in order to feel safe, I needed to shut down my voice and act how I thought others wanted me to act. 

After many years of deluding myself with my stories and misperceptions, I'd finally experienced enough emotional pain and suffering. I decided enough was enough. I decided to stop acting like a victim by blaming the outside world. I decided to take ownership of my experience and the choices I'd made, knowing that none of them said anything about who I really am (or who anyone else truly is, for that matter). In other words, I decided to surrender and live in accordance with who I really am. 

I always knew in my heart that true happiness was possible and decided that I would do whatever it took to rediscover the joy within myself. I learned to recognize the habituated scripts and belief system of my smaller self, which I had innocently invested into for so long. 

I learned to interrupt those habits as I witnessed them in action, and stayed with it even though feelings of intense, gripping resistance often arose from my smaller self, especially in the beginning. 

I remembered my true self, the Higher Self, or the one Spirit, that we all are. This is how I reconnected with my intuitive abilities and have continued to develop them. I've had many years of practice, and in my surrendered state, I am a channel for information that wants to come through for you. 

In truth, all the information you receive through me comes from you because it is all within all of us. I am merely a symbolic messenger, here to be in service of the Truth, for anyone who wants to see clearly and heal.

During our session, I’m able to meet you with true compassion and understanding because I’ve done the same for myself. 

My purpose during our time together is two-fold: 1) to receive information psychically and 2) advise you about how to proceed with that information. Your task is simple: trust me. The more you are willing to show up, share, and trust I hold nothing but the best intentions for you in my heart, the more the link between us is established and the deeper we can go. 


Gabriella Vadehra


Gabriella is the reader at the center on the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of the month from 11 am - 7 pm. You may call to schedule an appointment or stop by the center to meet her. 


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