Sacredness During the Thanksgiving Season

Sacredness During the Thanksgiving Season

Sacredness During the Thanksgiving Season

While this year has not been great for most of us, and this Thanksgiving may look different than a traditional year or holiday, the blessing in this moment is the ability to slow down and examine our current holiday traditions. Is there a way to bring more sacredness into Thanksgiving or to improve your gratitude practice right now? 

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Connecting to the Fairy Realm

Connecting to the Fairy Realm

Do you believe in fairies?

If you believe in fairies, you may have felt fairy energy many times in your life. Their energy is fun and playful. It is that magical energy that you feel when you walk into the forest, along the edge of a creek or find yourself in the middle of a flowery meadow.

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What Is Magick?

What is Magick


What are your beliefs around magic? After I started my spiritual journey as an adult, I met someone that offered teachings around magic. The first time that I heard her talking about magic it made me very comfortable. I had spent most of my adult life raising my children in Southern Baptist churches. The word, magic, scared me.

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What Is SoulCollage?

What is SoulCollage

What is SoulCollage?

I have been an avid Tarot and Oracle Card reader and collector for many years, so when I heard of SoulCollage, about five years ago, I became intrigued by the process of making my own cards and learning how to read them.  I have found that they provide valuable insights and many readings of my cards have greatly surprised me!  It is amazing to see what we all have in our subconscious that is brought to the surface when creating our very personalized cards!

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The Magic of October

The Magic of October

What is the magic?

There is something so magical about the month of October. The trees begin to change colors, and this is a reminder that the shift of seasons is upon us. The temperature begins to cool as we prepare for the winter months ahead and the holidays are right around the corner.

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Cleansing Your Crystals

Cleansing Your Crystals

Do you cleanse your crystals?

I truly believe that our crystals pick us and come into our lives for a reason. They may be with you for a short period of time or for the rest of your life. Your crystals are in service to you. They want to heal, guide, and support you.

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Taking Time for Ourselves

Take Time for Ourselves

Why do we not take more time for ourselves?

I tell people all the time to set aside space to love themselves. How often do you take time to nurture and love yourself? Last weekend, I took the entire weekend to really love myself. I unplugged the computer, stopped working, and spent time with other amazing women connecting, inspiring, and being in “awe” of their accomplishments. It allowed me to pause and reset my energies.

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