The Power of Dreams

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One of the ways that Spirit communicates with us is through dreams. We all dream every night but we don’t always remember. Sometimes dreams are quite vivid and we remember them in detail. These are the ones to pay close attention to. Dreams are a potent form of intuition and communication. In dreams, we can also soul travel. During sleep our linear mind is freed and we are not connected to our ego/personal self. Dream time is open, expansive and huge!

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Setting Sacred Space (Infographic)

Looking for inspiration when it comes to setting sacred space at your home or work? Whether it's an altar, a meditation room, or a corner of your home - here are some ideas for setting spiritual space.

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Marketing Your Spiritual Business in Isolation

Marketing Your Spiritual Business in Isolation

Our community has been hit hard this year with CO-VID 19 causing everyone to stop in their tracks. There is a lot of worry, stress, and fear regarding how things will play out. As spiritual business owners, many of you just starting to build your business, this worry is valid.

How will your business survive this period of social distancing and isolation?

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The Elements – Finding the Flow of Love

The Elements Finding the Flow of Love

Fear or Love, Your Choice

Breaking the fear paradigm in our everyday life means engaging the flow of love to the point of full saturation-body, mind, and spirit. This truth has never been so apparent as it is now, for all of us who wish to live in the flow of a loving heart for each other.

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Healing is Critical

Blogs for April 2020

Many of us have been on our spiritual paths for years. We have absorbed every technique and concept of self-improvement and continued to work on ourselves through many different types of healing. If you were to ask any of us, we would tell you that we have done the work.

Whether you are experienced or brand new at healing, we are all being called to commit to healing for ourselves and others.

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