Sacred Salts

Sacred Salt

What draws us to sacred waters? Why does the ocean seem so cleansing and purifying?

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The Sacred Altar

Blogs for August 2020

What calls us to the altar? Why are we drawn to the sacredness of the altar?

I have always loved the magic and sacredness of the altar. An altar is typically a raised structure that is created for prayers, meditations, rituals, and offerings.

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Dancing with Dragonflies

Blogs for July 2020 1

In full transparency, I don’t work with many shaman practices – I tend to lean toward the Celtic. However, I find spirit animals intriguing. Especially, when one particular animal keeps popping up over and over again.

It’s like that handful of years where I constantly caught 10:04 on every clock, almost daily. It was eerie but also had me asking, “What is the universe trying to tell me?”

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Soul Ascension

Soul Ascension

Are you feeling the shifts? Are you noticing physical, emotional, and mental changes?

In the last few months, the coronavirus has isolated most of us within our homes. This stillness has provided an opportunity for the universe to provide individuals that are ready spiritual activations and downloads for soul growth and ascension.  As you move along your spiritual journey, you will receive spiritual activations and downloads of information regarding higher truths. This time has provided many of us with the time and space to integrate these activations and downloads more gracefully.

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