Be a Better Friend to Yourself

Be a Better Friend to Yourself

At pivotal turning points in life it is often necessary to look back and take inventory of the past in order to move forward anew. Yet at the same time, the goal is not to dwell on the ‘shouldacouldawoulda’s’. But rather decide to embrace the lessons learned as a way to rewrite the present. It takes courage to look inward. Be a witness to the full range of emotions that reside within you. Look closely to the parts of the journey spent being less than kind to yourself. We can use the ‘busy’ness of each day or the need to care for others first as a diversion. Yet this is just an unconscious protective mechanism to avoid befriending yourself because most of us don’t know how.

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The Power of Healing

The Power of Healing

There are several modalities of Healing. One might try healing through acupuncture, acupressure, energy healing, chiropractic, massage, and the list goes on. All of these modalities peel back layers within our mind, body, and or energy field to guide us through releasing pain, trauma, illness, or to even find inner-peace and relaxation. 

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The Meaning of Christmas To Me

The Meaning of Christmas To Me

I was born on December 28th and I have struggled with my birthday all my life. The struggle was not that I did not like Christmas. I have loved Christmas all my life. The struggle was that my birthday never seemed to be as special as Christmas. What makes Christmas so special to me?

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The Holiday Survival Kit

The Holiday Survival Kit

The holidays are tough for many people. It can be a reminder of people, places and/or things that we no longer have in our lives. During this time of the year, we have to make sure that we are loving ourselves and providing ourselves with what we need to enjoy the holidays.

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Your Joy is Inside You, Forever Ready to Come Alive!

Your Joy is Inside You Forever Ready to Come Alive

Your Presence Brings Presents

Your joy has never been away from you, not for a moment, even if you have not felt it since the day you were born. Your eternal presence is the gift of joy I am referring to here. This is a joy that goes beyond a night out with your friends. This joy is the bringer of all presents into this lifetime that you wish to unfold.

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The Moon and Your Career

Blogs for October 2

Continuing with the theme of the Moon in Astrology (see Void Moon Astrology, and the additional article on our website), the placement of the Moon in your natal (birth) chart describes characteristics of your inner psyche. Most of us know our Sun Sign but few are aware of their Moon Sign. As one of the two Luminaries in the sky (the Sun being the other), the Moon’s influence in astrology cannot be ignored. Astronomically speaking, the Moon’s gravitational field pulls all of the oceans of the Earth with it. And if the Moon is capable of pulling approximately 320,283,532[1] cubic miles of seawater, it stands to reason it also has an influence on us! 

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My Near Death Experience

My Near Death Experience

So, I was born, I lived and now I’m dead.

What’s it all mean? 

Why was I born? 

Why did I live? 

Why did I live when and where I did? 

What about the choices that I made in my lifetime and why? 

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