New Divination Decks for 2020

Divination Decks for 2020

I’ll admit it. I have a weakness for Tarot, Lenormand, and Oracle card decks. My collection is small but mighty and I add new decks each year.

In 2020, I’m looking forward to quite a few new card decks - hoping to add them to my shelf.

Check out this list of 2020 releases.

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All Things Are Possible - Instant Healing

All Things Are Possible Instant Healing

One of my favorite winter sports is Ice Skating here in Montana.  This year was no different.  I would go weekly, bringing different friends and family members with me.  Life is good.  This last time I went ice-skating, I brought my niece Chelsie, and her son Noah with me.  We were having fun being outside.  Next thing I knew, I had fallen, and broke my Humorous Ice Cream Cone (what the doctors called it) in my left arm.  I immediately called a friend, who sent me to the Emergency Room while witnessing using the ThetaHealing Technique.  I had lots of fears come up, and having to drive family and myself to the hospital. 

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Creating a Life of Happiness, Prosperity, and Love

Creating a Life of Happiness Prosperity and Love

ThetaHealing® is a powerful energy healing technique that utilizes a meditation process to bring about quick, transformational change. Whether you want to increase your health, improve your wealth, or attract more loving relationships, ThetaHealing® can work for you.

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Committing to Self Care

Committing to Self Care

Why do you choose to take such good care of everyone else, but forget that you are just as important? Do you realize that you have a limit to the amount of energy you can give on a regular basis? If you continue to empty your own energy reserves, you will not have enough energy to give to others. It is important that you are taking time for your own self-care.

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Where Reality Meets Spirituality

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The ‘New Age’ movement is everywhere and has been in one form or another for decades. Recent movies such as The Secret remind us of the classic television shows I Dream of Jeannie or Bewitched. It is no wonder we have created a rift between reality and spirituality. It is one thing to set intentions, cultivate a meditation practice, or repeat positive affirmations, yet it is another thing to tune inward and begin to take inspired physical action. So, where does reality meet spirituality? The idea of a Jeannie emerging from a lamp and granting three wishes sounds fantastic but is not the case.  Metaphorically, the real ‘Jeannie’ is the soul and the ‘lamp’ is the body. Translate this into the soul being the inner compass and the body the vehicle to move from point a-to-z.

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Connecting to the Moon Energies

Connecting with the Moon Energies

Have you ever noticed how the moon cycles have a direct impact on our emotions and lives? The moon holds mystical and magical energies that we can harness in enhancing our lives. When you pay attention to the cycles of the moon, you will bring more luck, harmony, and fun into your life.

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