The Holiday Survival Kit

The Holiday Survival Kit

The holidays are tough for many people. It can be a reminder of people, places and/or things that we no longer have in our lives. During this time of the year, we have to make sure that we are loving ourselves and providing ourselves with what we need to enjoy the holidays.

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Your Joy is Inside You, Forever Ready to Come Alive!

Your Joy is Inside You Forever Ready to Come Alive

Your Presence Brings Presents

Your joy has never been away from you, not for a moment, even if you have not felt it since the day you were born. Your eternal presence is the gift of joy I am referring to here. This is a joy that goes beyond a night out with your friends. This joy is the bringer of all presents into this lifetime that you wish to unfold.

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The Moon and Your Career

Blogs for October 2

Continuing with the theme of the Moon in Astrology (see Void Moon Astrology, and the additional article on our website), the placement of the Moon in your natal (birth) chart describes characteristics of your inner psyche. Most of us know our Sun Sign but few are aware of their Moon Sign. As one of the two Luminaries in the sky (the Sun being the other), the Moon’s influence in astrology cannot be ignored. Astronomically speaking, the Moon’s gravitational field pulls all of the oceans of the Earth with it. And if the Moon is capable of pulling approximately 320,283,532[1] cubic miles of seawater, it stands to reason it also has an influence on us! 

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My Near Death Experience

My Near Death Experience

So, I was born, I lived and now I’m dead.

What’s it all mean? 

Why was I born? 

Why did I live? 

Why did I live when and where I did? 

What about the choices that I made in my lifetime and why? 

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Make Your Own Fairy Dust

Make Your Own Fairy Dust

For me, October is the month of magic. I would love to honor the magic of the fairies this month and share with you some information on the fairies and making fairy dust. I love the energies that the fairies share with us. They remind us that we take life way too seriously. We need to laugh, play, sing and dance more in our lives. When was the last time that you allowed yourself to be playful? 

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Crystal Healing for Beginners

Blogs for August

Crystals have been used for healing for thousands of years, the earliest documentation is from the Sumerians in which they document using crystals in magical formulas. Using crystals for their energy or healing, has been documented in every culture, in fact crystals are mentioned 200 times in the Christian Bible!

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What Are You Doing to Prepare for the New Year?

Vialet Blog For Sept

You are probably wondering “why” I am talking about the new year when we haven’t finished this year.  The truth is that the month of September has always been a time of reflection and preparation for me. 

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