The Power of Manifestation

Power of Manifestation

As we contemplate our future and what lies ahead, we search for ways to make improvements and ask ourselves, “How will I accomplish what I need to accomplish? What is this pull I am feeling and how do I answer it?” Whatever it is you have been feeling, pay attention. Whether you believe you are intuitive or not, we all tend to feel an inclination or drive to better ourselves, to try something new, to set goals. 

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Void Moon Astrology

Void Moon Astrology

I have a practical approach to astrology and find ways to utilize the “astrological weather” in everyday life—one such application is the Void-of-Course Moon. Mercury retrograde gets the most hubbub but the Void-of-Course Moon (aka, Void Moon) occurs more frequently and so offers routine opportunities for practice.

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Life as a Medical Intuitive

Life as a Medical Intuitive

I have been a Medical Intuitive (MI) for five years.  There are numerous questions I have been asked over time.  The two most common questions I frequently am asked are: What is a medical intuitive? How does it work?  Before I answer the questions allow me to provide some perspective on holistic healing. 

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Telling Your Story

Telling Your Story

As a business owner, you have a story to tell the world about who you are and what you believe in. The majority of businesses start with someone’s passion and/or dream. Think about “why” you started your business. For many of us, we wanted to make a difference, saw a need that we could fill or had a deep desire to shift things in the world. Where did your story begin? 

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Archangels and Their Crystals

Archangels and their Crystals

Crystals are amazing energy stores and love to work with us: healing, protecting, loving, guiding and being our very own silent support team.  

We have a second support team that loves to support us when we ask, the Archangels.  We are going to explore which crystals are associated with the four ‘Powerhouse Archangels.’

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Women - Reclaiming Our Authentic Selves

Reclaiming Our Authentic Selves


We are the work horses of our society.  We are the nurturers, the caregivers, the mama bears and the revolutionaries.  We hold each other up, when others try to hold us down.  We are the beginning of life just as we are often there at the end of life.  We are the keepers of light and the protectors from darkness.  

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Letting Go - A Special Message from One Feather

Letting Go

Channeled by Alisa Loper, Spiritual Medium 

When people tell you to ‘let go’ or ‘let go and let God’…this is simply what that means:

  • Hold in your heart that you wish what is best– highest and best – for yourself and all others…for all of life.
  • Then go about your day trusting that all is well and all is indeed unfolding without your control. 

You do not have to do anything. You simply go about your day with a smile in your heart, a smile in your mind, and a smile (or at least no smirk) on your face. Stop thinking about what you want, what you desperately hope to happen, what you’re trying so hard to control…stop obsessing in your mind about it all. 

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