What is an EOL Doula?

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I am an End of Life Doula. I seek to help those who are dying and their families as well. In our culture we’ve been taught to fear death and have been discouraged from talking about anything even related to the natural ending of a human life. Because our modern American society is so removed from what death looks like and because healthcare has been almost exclusively concerned with prolonging life at all costs, the completely predictable end of a human being’s lifespan has devolved to feel mysterious and somewhat accidental, unnecessarily scary, and almost devoid of any deeper meaning. It is only by examining that which scares us the most that we can begin to understand and move past the fear and attempt to glean some significance from our shared experiences.

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New Year's Resolutions

Blogs for January

With the New Year comes the inevitable discussion of what transpired this last year and what the New Year will hold. Many people look forward to upcoming events, some recap what happened during the last year, and many of us come up with resolutions for the remainder of the year. Most if not all of these resolutions relate to what we think are shortcomings in ourselves that we wish to improve.

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Develop Your Spiritual Gifts Academy is Expanding!!!

Develop Your Spiritual Gifts Academy is Expanding

Last year, we launched the Develop Your Spiritual Gifts (DEYSG) Academy at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts. The first two programs offered were the Intuitive Practitioner and Spirit Communicator certifications. Marcia Stanfield facilitated these classes and she was amazing. The classes were informative, interactive and fun. She created a learning environment that supported the students in connecting and expanding their natural gifts.

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The Magic of Sacred Self Care

Guest Blogs for December

Are you always giving to others? Do you put everyone else’s needs ahead of your own?

Do any of these words resonate with you? Drained? Stuck? Unhappy? Misunderstood? Unworthy? Unappreciated? Run down? Exhausted?

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The LOUD VOICE vs the Soft Voice: Who Do You Listen To?


As we enter into 2019, we reflect back on the last year of our life and begin our own process of manifesting our new resolutions. Hopefully, you recognize your successes for the year and you are looking forward to an even more promising new year.

In looking back at past years what made some years better than other years? Were you listening to the LOUD VOICE or the Soft Voice through your life path? As Americans we are taught the LOUDER, brasher, and pushier we are, the more successful and happier we will be. And as long as those behaviors are rewarded those behaviors hold steadfast in our society. What does LOUD really manifest for you?

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Past Lives and What They Potentially Mean


I have contemplated Past Lives for a number of years. I remember first being asked if I believed in Past Lives well over 20 years ago. My answer, at the time, was that I was not sure. I knew I didn’t discount the aspect but as I hadn’t ever experienced Past Lives, I just wasn’t sure.

I consider myself a Gnostic and in this I find that my personal transformation comes through direct experiences of spirituality. Because of this I knew I would need to experience an aspect of Past Lives to be able to understand, integrate and to answer such a question. My quest began.

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Crystal Master Certification Series for 2019

Crystal Master Certification Series in 2019

Most people love crystals, but not everyone is familiar with them and their energetic properties. Crystals bring enlightenment, wisdom, healing and clarity into our lives. I have been working with crystals most of my life and I have a deep connection with them.

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