Reflection & Letting Go

Reflection and Letting Go Nov 2018

This is the time of the year that we need to reflect and let go of all the things that no longer serve us before we enter the new year. 

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Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry with Janice Dau

When I began my metaphysical journey, I was not familiar with Sacred Geometry. Now I can’t stop looking at it and wondering why I am so intrigued. Let me share my journey with you.

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What Are the Akashic Records? And Why Does it Matter?

What Are the Akashic Records And Why Does it Matter

With the amount of metaphysical modalities out there today, it can be a daunting task to connect to the “right” divination method for your Spiritual growth. As consciousness shifts and questions are asked, answers can be spread thin across the multitude of different sources available from more than a few schools of thought. The intent with this article is to present the Akashic Records as a reliable source for personal connections to the wisdom of your Soul. Let the journey begin.

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There's Nothing Scary About a Solid Strategy

Theres Nothing Scary About a Solid Strategy 2

As we enter autumn, there are many wonderful things to look forward to - a bountiful harvest, colorful leaves, creative costumes and pumpkin spice (I don't judge). The holiday season rapidly approaches and we have all those spinning plates full throwing football parties, hopping on hayrides, and booking fall break vacations. In all the planning and decorating and celebrating, we often miss something exceedingly beneficial about this time of year. The period of time between now and Thanksgiving is the perfect time to build a personal or professional strategy for next year. For those who create a yearly plan, waiting until the holiday season is too stressful and skipping this work until January means missing out on getting the year started on the right foot. The peaceful lull of October and early November is the ideal time to reflect, gather your thoughts, and jot down your strategy to carry you through the new year.

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Creating Sacredness with Your Business

Creating Sacredness With Your Business

As a spiritual business leader and owner, I have found that an important element of business is sacredness. What is sacredness? Sacredness is the dedication and devotion of holding divine space through respect, rituals and service. When we create sacredness in our business, we find that the universe will support us and our success. 

The three main elements of any business is the PeopleProcesses and the Product. How can you integrate sacredness into each of these elements? 

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A Time of Reflection

A Time of Reflection

September has always been a month of reflection and planning for me. I take the time to reflect on my year. What have I manifested in my life? What has changed? What did I not accomplish this year?

Most people wait until the first of the year and they make a New Year’s Resolution that never seems to stick after the first weeks of the new year. I have chosen to take a more active approach in manifesting and creating what I want in my life.

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5 Simple Steps to Receive Guidance from Your Angels

Guest Blogs for September

Life has its ups & downs, this much we know! Did you also know that you can request assistance from your guardian angels to support you through times of change? I can tell you from experience that this does work on many levels and, as you practice, your connection will continue to get stronger. Angelic assistance is a wonderful tool that anyone, including you, can utilize. You are probably tapping into that guidance regularly without being aware that your angels are working with you. Once you can connect & recognize this guidance, you will become more empowered as you realize that you have a team of Heavenly helpers that support you in your day to day life.

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