Nikki Milton

Nikki is the owner of Marvel Marketing Squad, a content creation and online marketing company that specializes in helping small business owners brand and market their work.

She is also the creator of the Guardians of the Divine Facebook Group. This group exists for folks who own a spiritual business - whether you are a healer, coach, practitioner, teacher or reader - Guardians of the Divine is the place to gather to seek help and support in growing your spiritual business. Members receive regular advice, tips and support in branding, marketing, building, and expanding your divine work.

Nikki is also Vialet's oldest daughter. 

Nikki Milton
Marvel Marketing Squad
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Our oldest daugther, Nikki Milton and her husband, Jeff Milton are an important part of the center. Nikki is a Social Media Manager for small business owners. She manages all of the social media platforms for DYSG. We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. She also edits and posts all of the articles and blogs for the newsletters. 

Jeff had designed all of our logos and build out all of our websites. His creative design work has been instrumental in our marketing materials and brand. 

Nikki works at the center on Mondays and Fridays. She is the Center Manager, Marketing. She assists Vialet with all the marketing for the center. 

Nikki is newly married. Nikki and Jeff have two teenage boys (Lance & James), a teenage girl (Cora) and a sweet baby girl (Lily). You may easily run into the grandchildren on one of your visits to the center. They live in SE Aurora. 

Marketing Manager

Nikki is the Marketing Manager at the center. She manages the center's social media, marketing and newsletter. She works at the center on Monday and Fridays. Come by and allow us to provide you with a tour of the center. 

You may contact her at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Classes Offered

As part of the Discover Your Spiritual Gifts team, Nikki teaches, coaches and consults spiritual business owners in growing their business. Once a year she runs a Business Class Series that covers

  • Branding
  • Facebook Basics
  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing

She also hosts a Strategy Workshop in the fall so that businesses can plan their business and marketing strategy for the next year.

Solid Strategy

Connecting At Community Events

Marketing Your Spiritual Business in Isolation

Fun with Oracle Cards

Join us for our first ever FUN WITH ORACLE CARDS Party! Come solo or bring a friend and enjoy a free evening of playing with our many oracle card decks, receiving messages and sharing in a magical social experience!

- Connect and bond with friends
- Give and receive support in a fun and meaningful way
- Share mystical insight into life
- Gather to set intentions
- Tap into the sacred Divine
- Speak your truth and hear other’s stories
- Motivate and inspire each other
- Have an amazing, magickally fun time!

Find out more: Click Here


Divination Decks 2019

Energy of 2020

New Divination Decks for 2020


"I hope you don't mind a shout out to Nikki's Branding class. It was a lot of soul searching work but just what my business needed. I'm doing the workbook a 2nd time to be sure...I wasn't expecting to change my path but it is clear I need to. I'm excited.” Kris 

"What an eye opener! Nikki shared what it takes to create a trusted brand. By emphasizing the work that comes before any logos or colors are chosen, she helped me look deeper into what a brand actually represents.” Jason 

"Nikki and her team do an amazing job managing my social media for Discover Your Spiritual Gifts. She has written my blogs, created and scheduled my social media posts on Facebook and Twitter, and she has provided me tons of information on how to better manage my social media based on the market changes and most updated tips of connecting to your community. Thank you, Nikki for being my superhero!” Vialet

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