Setting An Altar

I have been setting sacred space for most of my life, but I did not always realize that was what I was doing. I would set space on my dressers and tables in my bedroom. I would consciously think about how I would want to arrange things and I would always lay down a piece of cloth to bring in color and beauty. The items that I would select were intentional. These are some of the elements that are used in setting an altar space. 

An altar space can be as small as a bookshelf or as large as a big piece of furniture. The space should be at a height that allows you to stand or sit in front of the altar space. You can dedicate your altar to a lost family member, ascended master, goddess/god, fairies, dragons, or for a special ceremony. There are no limits to the types of altars you could create and you can have more than one in your home. It is really up to you and your imagination. 

Some cultures and beliefs set altars to honor a family member that has passed away. The altar allows them to honor their memory and to keep them alive in their hearts. It can be a special way to continue to hold a sacred place for them. The altar could include a photo or items that were very special to them. 

If you are working with an ascended master, goddess/god, or divine being, you can create an altar that is dedicated to them. You may burn their favorite incense, find a candle that holds their energy, or place a glass of alcohol that holds the energies of their time and/or culture. These altars can be filled with fresh flowers, dried herbs, or special objects that align with their energies. You can even place a photo or statue of them on the altar.  

You can set a special altar for ceremony or specific times of the year to hold the energies of sacredness for you and others. Some people set altars for the moon cycles (new moon, full moon, etc.). Some people create altars for the summer and winter solstice. You can set an altar at home, in a special place, in the middle of the woods, in your backyard, or on the beach. 

As you can see, there are unlimited options. 

*** These altar photos are from Angelic Reiki clases

Elements of an Altar

I always like to start with the foundation of my altar. Here are some questions to consider: 

  • How large or small do I want my altar to be? 
  • What shape do I want my altar to be? (round table or square table)
  • What do I want the height of my altar to be? (will I be standing or sitting at the altar)
  • Will I be using the altar, or will it be holding sacred space?
  • What is the intention of my altar?
  • What colors will be the foundation of my altar? 

I have purchased special folding tables that are round when I want to create a round altar for a ceremony or special event. This altar was used for a New Moon Ceremony to bring in Self-Love. 

After I have made some of these decisions, I will think about the color and theme that I am creating for my altar. What will I use for the covering on the altar? Will it be a tablecloth, a runner, a placemat, a lace dolly, fresh flower petals, or the natural look of the table or furniture top? I love doing different things for different energies. 

*** These altar photos are from Angelic Reiki clases

Energies of an Altar

There are no limits to what you can create. An altar can be used hold sacred space or it can be a workstation for the ceremony or energies that you are working to create. You can use your altar to make medicine bags, fairy dust, sprays, candles, etc. You can follow your instincts and set up something that is beautiful and sacred to you and others. 

As you create your altar, the energies of the items begin to blend together to create beauty, sacredness, divine purpose, etc. The items that you use are really important to the energies that you want to create on your altar. 

Some of the items that you could consider using are: 

  • Statues and/or figurines
  • Candles
  • Incenses
  • Smudge sticks
  • Feather wands
  • Fresh flowers
  • Dried herbs
  • Holy water/water bowl
  • Seashells
  • Wands
  • Crystals
  • Feathers
  • Mirrors
  • Oracle cards
  • Photos

Your altar can be created with any combination of these suggestions. Remember, that it is not limited to the items on the list. It is about you and the connection that you want to create with your altar. In Sacred Priesthood, the initiates are taught the elements of Fire, Air, Water, and Earth. They learn how to set an altar with the elements. 

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*** These altar photos are from Angelic Reiki clases

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