The Family

Vialet would not be able to do what she does without the support of her family and friends. Most of her family has taken an active role in the success of the center. 

Tom Herold

Vialet's husband, Tom Herold is an active participant in the center. He lovingly supports her dream along with being there for everyone else at the center. Tom is an aerospace engineer that is guided by the science of the world versus a religious or spiritual belief system. 

Some of Tom's favorite hobbies are taking professional photographs, turning wood into beautiful bowls and building knives. Tom sets up a photo booth during our Holiday Craft Bazaar and takes holiday photos of individual and families. Tom likes to take photos of the classes and events, so don't be surprised if you catches a photo of you next time you are in the center.

Jennifer Walker

Our youngest daughter, Jennifer Walker was the one that really encouraged Vialet to open the spiritual center. After Tom and Vialet got married in 2015, Jenny kept telling her Dad that Vialet needed to have her own center. 

Jenny works at the center on Saturdays. She loves working and being part of the community. If you ever come out and see us when we have our booth at expos and fairs, you may see her there working the booth with Vialet and Tom.

Nikki & Jeff Milton

Our oldest daugther, Nikki Milton and her husband, Jeff Milton are an important part of the center. Nikki is a Social Media Manager for small business owners. She manages all of the social media platforms for DYSG. We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. She also edits and posts all of the articles and blogs for the newsletters. 

Jeff had designed all of our logos and build out all of our websites. His creative design work has been instrumental in our marketing materials and brand. 

Our Grandchildren

Our grandchildren also get involved with the center. They love taking the classes and working with us in the center. 
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