Intention Candle Playshop

Are you ready to be your own magical creator? You will be making intention candles with a set of herbs, essential oils and intentions. These candles will bring in all your dreams, your intentions and so much more! 

This class is not a craft class! Each of the participants will be guided by Vialet in creating six intention candles focused on the same theme. The process has been simplified so the participants can make their candles in a shorter period of time. 

Vialet is a Sacred Priestess and teaches the classes in the Mystery School at DYSG. This program is full of magic. Everyone is meant to be magical creators and our goal is to create heaven within our own lives. 

If you love this program, make sure you check out the annual Sacred Candles of Intentions program. 


This program requires pre-payment seven days before the class. The class is limited to nine attendees. Register early to reserve your seat. You will make six intention candles for $99. 

NOTE: Your candles will need to cool before you can transport them home. We will pack up your candles when they are ready to be moved and you can pick them up at the center. 


Do you need more financial flow in your life? Everyone can benefit from bringing in more prosperity to their lives. These candles will be filled with your intentions on what you would like to create for a prosperous life. 


Are you seeking to evolve spiritually? These candles will support you in your meditation and spiritual work to assist you with ascension and your spiritual growth. They will align you with your soul purpose and guide you along the way. 


What would you like to have an abundance of in your life? Financial flow, Friendships, Health, Job Offeres, etc. Abundance can be for anything that we want more of in our life. 

Vialet B Rayne

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