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Iulia Costache

Welcome to Listen to your Divine Whispers and to a true story where dreams became reality through Prayer!

My name is Iulia. I have a mission to pray with and for the world. My passion for God has been sparked since I was a little one. I had felt the energies around me and other people so easily. My intuition and heart center acted as a self radar since childhood. My prayers kept me feeling safe and connected with my beloved God. A blanket of peace and love captured my being with each prayer, so I prayed. When I started doubting my Divine connection and authenticity, it is when I lost my self. I became sick and felt helpless. Now, I remembered how healthy and happy I used to be. I started to pray again. My persistent and very intense way of praying opened up the Heaven. The beautiful angelic presences guided me towards recovery and because I felt responsible on giving back the love, I searched for spiritual teachers and knowledge like a desert thirst.

I choose to pray for you if you let me. I choose to be of service and share my story and act as a connector. Because I have received Divine intervention, I believe you can too. We are children of the same Mother and Father. Let us get together and create a beautiful petition to HOME!

Hope is alive when God is your Ally!

Let’s communicate our needs and let’s create the new fearless and truthful You and We!



  • Healing Prayer - 30 minutes - $35.00
  • Empowering Prayer - 40 minutes - $45.00
  • Inter-dimensional Prayer - 60 minutes - $80.00

All services include a printed prayer.
All prayers include heart centering. All prayers start with release, relaxation, and guided meditation.

  • Angelic Reiki Session $47.00
  • Energy Healing Session $47.00


  • Angelic Reiki: Angelic Reiki Healing & Archangel Oracle Readings (45 minutes) $77.00
  • Custom Heart Healing: Angelic Reiki + Oracle Readinbg + Custom Magnetic Prayers (60 minutes) $111.00
  • Soar High with Wings of Angels: 2 Angelic Reiki Healings + Oracle Reading + Custom Magnetic Prayers + Soar High with Wings of Angels booklet with 22 Magnetic Prayers for Self-Healing + 22 Divine Whispers (Transformational affirmations) $222.00


- Self-healed from Systemic Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis
- Lifelong Practiced Prayer
- Clairsentient

- Priestess Path Initiation
- Channeled Teachings of Kryon
- Sacred Earth Activation
- Pillar of Light Evolution Level
- Priestess/Healer Activation
- Ascension Mystery School Course
- Spiritual Entrepreneur Masterclass


"A few weeks ago, I got sick with Covid. I was very weak, and I felt like I can't breathe. I had fever, shivers and all of that. By the third day, I was still feeling weak and hopeless. My friend, Iulia, called me and she said she will pray for me. I was in the bed looking outside at my green trees and blue sky. I felt like my vision was working better, the colors were more vivid, I could feel an energy woke me up, like a coffee rush. I called back because all the experience was weird, and I asked if she just prayed for me. She said yes, I just finished my prayer! I was so happy to feel the healing energy from God sent to me by Iulia." - Elena P.

“I have known Iulia for close to 5 years now and she is without a doubt an amazing and remarkable person. Driven by her faith, Iulia has proven to be filled with goodness, kindness and light. There is not a soul on this Earth that she wouldn't give everything to help. She is a next level empath when it comes to feeling the pain and suffering of others, but she refuses to let her own pain get the best of her. I witnessed this with the birth of her second child which she handled without ever once crying out in pain. It was truly amazing. I strongly believe Iulia has the power, the will and the skill it takes to teach others to manage and control their own pain and live full and happy lives.” - Eric P.

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