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In October of 2015, Jason experienced a Spiritual Awakening prompted by a closed head injury. Soon after, he was lead to study the Akashic Records. Through numerous meditations, readings and channeling, Jason gathered many tools to address thoughts and beliefs that restrain acceleration of our Spiritual growth. By becoming a conduit to the Akashic Records, he has witnessed how Soul-Level understanding provides an enlightening, loving space to remember who we are. Along with his certification as a Soul Realignment© Practitioner, Jason combines his intuition, energy healing, crystals and Quantum Physics, learned through Matrix Energetics™, to gain insight into manifesting through choice and how to align with our highest good.

The Akashic Records are an energetic highway of information that holds the history, present and possible futures for each soul ever in existence. All the thoughts, decisions, choices and consequences of our current incarnation are constantly written into our personal Akashic Records. This knowledge is more accessible to us during this time than at any other period in modern human evolution. As we experience a planetary consciousness shift, it can be beneficial to tune into this wealth of wisdom in order to better understand ourselves. Through Soul-Level understanding we are able to accept our Divine gifts and grasp what truly drives us. By embracing our Divine gifts, we are able to empower ourselves and enjoy the abundance that is available while experiencing our current third dimensional reality. Soul-Level understanding validates much we know about ourselves while also illuminating the shadows created in our minds as blocks and restrictions. During this presentation we will discuss these topics in depth. For those with an adventurous Spirit, there will be an opportunity to discover what energies are infused with your Soul by receiving a live reading that will be shared with the group.

Jason Antalek

Operations Manager, DYSG

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Website: www.akashaman.com


For Akashic Readings and Clearings, I spend time prepping before we meet, about 30 – 45 minutes, and will have LOTS of information available to present and discuss.  There will often be additional information channelled during your session and you are encouraged to ask lots of questions.  From this reading, you walk away with a plan of action of how to handle the blocks and restrictions in your life.

This is about YOU! While there is structure, there is no agenda outside of providing you with the highest level of Love and Wisdom from your Akashic Record.


This includes your personalized 21 Day Transmutation of Energy. It is a 60-90 minute session. This is the best place to start. You will gain Soul-Level knowledge of your SuperPowers and learn how to activate them in your life. You will also become aware of, identify and clear blocks and patterns that are holding you back from the life you deserve. 

Take control of your manifestation and move forward through Divine action! 



This includes 2 personlized 21-Day clearings! 60-90 minutes.

Discover the Soul-Level energies you and another person in your life are working with. Find out how many lifetimes you have shared and what roles you played. Dig into the karma and contracts still present. 

Uncover what sort of situations you are working on separately and together. This is a great reading for couples and families. 



One of my favorites! This is a FUN reading! 

60 minutes


  • Find out who is in your inner circle guide team.  Who they are, what energies do they have at Soul-Level, and why they are on your team.  You will take away a strong familiarity and insights to who is on your side.
  • Learn their roles, what they are helping you with, how they show up and often much more.
  • This is a fun, FUN reading!


Plan ahead and SAVE! 2 60 -90 minute sessions


  • Choose 2 readings available and plan on a couple of sessions together! The best value! These will be tailored to what your goals are and what interests you most.
  • There are lots of additional readings available, including live Akashic Readings,  your Manifesting Blueprint, Property Clearings, Situational Readings, and more! 


6 months of ongoing, 1 on 1 coaching! True, deep and self-driven transformation throughout your entire life!


  • This is the DEEP DIVE into all aspects of You!
  • You are READY for true transformation.  You are READY to live in your Divinity.  You are READY to manifest and live the life you DESERVE!
  • 6 Months of 1 on 1 coaching!


3 months of ongoing, 1 on 1 coaching! True, deep and self-driven transformation throughout your entire life!


  • You are READY for true transformation.  You are READY to live in your Divinity.  You are READY to manifest and live the life you DESERVE!
  • 3 Months of 1 on 1 coaching!


Classes & Programs

Akashic Gallery

Akashic Shamanism

Drum Making


Akashic Records

The Spiritual Handyman 

Jason is the host of The Spiritual Handyman Show. He has guest sharing tools for anyone on their spiritual jourmey. 

Check out the show at: Click here


Akashic Reading & Clearing

“I had my reading at the beginning of a very stressful life change.  I feel like the reading gave me a lot of perspective and helped center and focus me on that path.  My reading, and subsequent visits with Jason, really helped me stay centered in my purpose and light while I faced (and continue to face) a difficult life transition.” - Julie C., Colorado

“I really appreciated having a personalized ‘homework’ plan to actor and shift my new insights and energy in the now.  I noticed a lot of change over months.” - Julie C., Colorado

“I experienced a substantial shift as the result of the at-home Akashic clearing practice assigned by Jason. My meditation practice evolved very rapidly over the 21 days and I’m thankful to have retained the momentum initiated by our work together. Jason is authentic, insightful and intelligent on many levels of consciousness. I strongly recommend the opportunity to work with him. Namaste.” - Mark S., Wyoming 

Akashic Shamanism - Level 1 & 2 Workshop

“Wonderful.  Amazing group, fantastic teacher! It was a profound weekend!” - Julie C., Colorado

“I think every detail seemed well thought out and prepared for, from clearings, set-up, tools, and freedom with guidance, class size was perfect.  Certainly a deeper connection with self and spirit.  I really benefitted from new ways to access old and new levels. Wonderful.  Amazing group, fantastic teacher! It was a profound weekend!” - Julie C., Colorado

“I thought it was a great experience.  I gained a lot of knowledge about the Records and more importantly myself.” -Gail G., Colorado

“I had a very amazing experience - I would recommend it to those that are ready or looking for the ‘next step’ in their spiritual practice.  I gained Self Power to use these practices at home.  Drum ceremonies were my favorite experience, though all parts were building upon the others.  Honestly, it was amazing - loved it - great job.”
- Rose C., Colorado

Akashic Empowerment Program

”I have had some amazing shifts in my consciousness and the cord clearing and amazing angel work has been transformative.  My relationships and career path have improved.  I’m learning to trust myself with the spiritual path and also benefit from the ongoing support.  I have been recommending this program to quite a few people.” - Rose C., Colorado

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