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Jason bases your reading session on information in your own Akashic Record. He looks into the energy your soul was created with and how that relates to your current incarnation. This knowledge empowers you through recognition of your Divine gifts, often discounted because we are taught to work with what is difficult for us; not to take “the easy way out.” The information gathered and delivered here always resonates because it is your own energy.

From there we can address problems and solutions, answer questions and receive guidance, and identify past life issues that are showing up for you now. This empowering information can be life altering.

In addition, Jason offers healing and clearing in harmony with your highest good in that moment. Thought patterns, behavior cycles, hooks and cords, and energy field clearing are all available to you. Should we run into a question of what to do next, we simply consult your Akashic Record for direction.


In October of 2015, Jason experienced a Spiritual Awakening prompted by a closed head injury. Soon after, he was lead to study the Akashic Records. Through numerous meditations, readings and channeling, Jason gathered many tools to address thoughts and beliefs that restrain acceleration of our Spiritual growth. By becoming a conduit to the Akashic Records, he has witnessed how Soul-Level understanding provides an enlightening, loving space to remember who we are. Along with his certification as a Soul Realignment© Practitioner, Jason combines his intuition, energy healing, crystals and Quantum Physics, learned through Matrix Energetics™, to gain insight into manifesting through choice and how to align with our highest good.


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