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Hello, I am Jennifer Roe a Qi Gong Energy Healer and Spiritual Advisor. Although I grew up in Littleton, Colorado, I have lived in Durango, Colorado for over twenty years. The past year or so I have been feeling a pull to return to the place I grew up to share and spread my gifts. This is what has brought me to DYSG. I feel like I have had many lives, many stories, many twists and turns. However, several things have always stuck out for me and those are my intuition, my connectedness, my sense of something more, and my drive to help others. I have always dabbled in the mysteries, always been fascinated by things that can’t be explained and finally in 2014, I found my life path, my highest purpose, as a healer by studying the Psychic Arts and Red Hat Chi Gung under a remarkable mystic and Qi Gong Master, Beverly Anderson. I’m also certified as an Advanced Angelic Reiki practitioner via my studies with Marie Redfeather, a Shamanic Healer, and Angelic Reiki Master. And so my true path began...

Energy is everything. We are energetic beings, everything around us is energy and energy heals. As eternal beings we hold on to emotions, karmic baggage, pain, and other negative energies that have the tendency to keep us stuck in a place where we aren’t thriving, aren’t growing, and/or aren’t being our true selves. Oftentimes, it is this very baggage, this disharmony that creates these blockages, which may turn into dis-ease. Dis-ease may manifest itself emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

I am able to help release these blocks and guide youalong your path of self-discovery, self-awareness, and personal empowerment. I am a compassionate, inspiring, and insightful healer who supports my clients to the fullest. The healing frequencies that I work with are very grounding and attuned to the healing properties of Mother Earth and the Universal life force that is the light of our being. It is the life force that allows me to channel messages from your spirit guides and angels that will help to guide you along your path. It is the healing frequencies I work with that assist my clients to feel more centered, balanced, and grounded than when they walk through my door. 


Qi Gong Energy Healing—Red Hat Qi Gong is an incredibly powerful ancient healing modality that has been passed down orally from teacher to student for thousands of years. It restores the natural balance to the clients system and connects, mind, body, and soul. Qigong allows access to higher realms of awareness, awakens one’s “true nature”, and helps develop human potential. This is turn allows healing on all levels of one’s being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. It is one of the most powerful healing modalities there is and must be experienced first-hand to truly recognize the power behind it!

Chakra Balancing: Chakra balancing and clearing naturally occurs during a Qigong session. There are seven major chakras that run along the center of the body from the pelvic floor to the crown of the head, as well as infinite number of minor chakras. Each chakra is linked to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual systems within the energy field. Balancing and clearing of the chakras allows for more energy flow through the body and energetic system.

Spiritual Advisor: While Qi is being channeled during a session, helpers in the forms of angels, guides, and other energies like to join in for assistance. It is during these sessions that I am able to provide you with messages from your angels and the energies around you. Rather than struggling with your challenges, healing comes from surrendering, letting go of what is no longer serving you. This doesn’t mean giving up. It means shifting from the physical to the spiritual. As a spiritual advisor, I am your helper in identifying and addressing your energetic imbalances. My goes is to assist you along your spiritual path, so you gain a better understanding of your life. 

Angelic Reiki: A Japanese healing modality that can address physical ailments, emotional and mental issues, and open the connection between one’s spiritual body and the Universe. The movement of the Qi within the energetic body balances the seven major chakras and creates harmony on all levels of being.

Sessions last an hour to an hour and a half and are $100 an hour.

Jennifer Roe


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The first spiritual/healing session I experienced was with Jennifer at the recommendation of a friend. It was not something I would have ever thought to seek out at the time, but something kept pushing me to book an appointment, and after a couple of months I finally did. I went in with no idea what to expect. Jennifer’s presence was so comforting and welcoming; as soon as she greeted me I was instantly at ease and felt I could trust and relax in to the process. I wish I could put in to words what happened in that session, it was extremely powerful and unlike anything else I had ever experienced. I gained insight in to components of my life that were bursting beneath the surface, but I had not yet consciously recognized. Jennifer’s ability to explain what was coming up as we went through the session was shockingly accurate and profound, and delivered with such love and compassion. Subsequent sessions have been just as powerful and enlightening, every time offering an entirely new perspective and unveiling layers. My world and consciousness have opened up and I continue to discover more and more about myself and my journey and all of the incredible directions that my soul is headed. We are so blessed to have such an incredible healer in our area. -DM
"I began seeing Jenn a few few months ago for some help clearing a variety of traumas from my body and nervous system. I had no idea what Red Hat Qi Gong was or how it worked, but she came highly recommended, I wanted hands-on energy work, and my intuition told me she would be a good fit for me.
Jenn is a gifted healer. I have felt deep physical and emotional releases as a result of the sessions with her. In fact, one day after a session with her, I looked in the mirror and felt more happy and more of a sense of lightness, radiance of being, and peace than I have in a really long time.
I am so grateful that after just a few sessions with her, the many traumas I experienced no longer have such a tight hold on my system. I have been inspired through working with her into a whole new aspect of my spiritual development. Her work is helping me feel like I am blossoming after decades of operating my life from a place of fear. I cannot say enough positive things about my experience working with Jenn. I am deeply grateful for her gifts. She is a goddess of light, love, and deep healing and growth."
Jenn has worked on me energetically on several occasions and I can say that each session with her has really shifted my Being in positive and meaningful ways each time. I've been to several healers over the years, each practicing various modalities and I can truly say that Jenn has a unique set of energetic frequencies that she accesses while doing her healing work. She has such an intuitive knowing of how to move, balance and integrate energies on all levels of one's being. She brings separate parts of oneself into a balanced whole with such ease. It's as if a Divine Integration has taken place on all levels of consciousness! It's truly magical! I highly recommend Jenn and her healing practice for those who really want to go to a deeper level of healing within themselves. You will feel her integrity, wisdom, compassion and reverence for your soul the moment you walk thru her door. 
Over the last six months, Jenn’s impact on my life has been profound in many ways. After a singe session, I felt levity and optimism. I have experienced continued growth, perspective and self awareness with each session. On a physical level, I saw Jenn a few days after fracturing my femur. Without use of medication or other treatments, I was free from pain and recovered months ahead of when everyone thought possible, allowing me to get back to a healthy and active lifestyle. On a more spiritual level, Jenn has helped me connect with my past, the world around me and a future that I can create with purpose and fulfillment 
I have learned that each healer has their own Authentic Voice that they bring to a choir of healers. No two healers are ever the same, and we would not want them to be. You need the diversity to actually make a choir. What makes Jenn’s voice unique, to me, is the humor she brings to the healing process. It is so easy to get caught up in the seriousness of our spiritual work. Rightfully so, because it is all our pain and suffering that is involved in spiritual work. And there is that piece where it is work! But, Jenn reminds you of our right to also have fun with ourselves and with life! That said she also embodies compassion, comfort, connection, strength and wisdom. She is gently insightful with the wisdom that she relays. I am truly grateful for her and her work.  
I’ve seen Jenn twice now. Each time has been a very eye opening experience. She has a very calm, warm, safe and loving energy. She constantly checks in to see how you are feeling and always goes at a pace that is comfortable. She has helped with my confidence in dealing with life. I feel I have grown each time as the work creates an awakening or remembering of things forgotten. She is very gifted and this work is obviously her purpose in life.  
This was my first experience with energy work in my adult life and I was a little wary at first. Jenn immediately built trust with me with her openness to my feelings and also her commitment and passion for the work she was about to accomplish with me. My first two sessions not only opened my outlook to Qi Gung through the breakthrough’s Jenn had with me, but also opened me to more spiritual thinking in my day to day connection to myself, my past experiences and what I’m moving forward to do and be.  

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