JoAnne Pallandino

JoAnne Palladino has been extending her divinely guided gifts throughout the United States and internationally since 2002.  She is a Reiki Master-Teacher, Intuitive and a seasoned health facilitator who channels the Divine frequency of Light Language, that she has named Shmaya.

JoAnne’s intention is to guide others to live from their hearts, embody their light and embrace complete and unconditional love and self-acceptance. Shmaya, the channeled presence, has come to anchor the shift to unity consciousness during this time of awakening.

JoAnne’s practice is located in Denver, CO where she sees clients individually and holds groups, retreats and Reiki trainings throughout the year. Distant healing is also available to anyone in the world who is drawn to work with JoAnne. Before 2002, JoAnne was a high-profile administrator for a national health care company.

Programs Offered

Shmaya is a collective illumined consciousness that is channeled through JoAnne. It’s meaning from ancient Aramaic is light-God-vibration is in everything, everyone and in every word. JoAnne received the message that Shmaya has come during this time to support the awakening on earth.

During Shmaya Gatherings YOU WILL RECEIVE:
  • Teachings to support your awakening through self-love and acceptance.
  • A personal vibrational transmission from Shmaya,
  • An intuitive reading and
  • A Reiki energy healing
JoAnne invites you to come with questions that are keeping you from fully realizing your sacredness with grace and ease. You will leave with deeper insights to shift your perspective raising your vibration closer to the true state
of LOVE.



Contact Information

JoAnne Palladino, Light Language Channel
Intuitive & Reiki Master-Teacher
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