Joyce Snowden

I began exploring my intuitive abilities during my early 20's while I was doing missionary work.  It was during that time period, that I discovered I would know things about people that would allow me to pray for them and give them messages to help bring healing into their lives.  

I am currently on the board of Global Spiritual Fellowship and a member of First Spiritual Science Church where I am a reader and healer.  I am a Reiki Master and believe that energy can be used to help change the energies within our lives when infused with love.  

Joyce Snowden


Types of Readings

I believe every reading should bring some form of healing.  For this reason, I always infuse every reading with healing energies before give a reading.  My readings are very intuitive, but I have been known to use Oracle cards as well.  I believe readings should help bring healing into people‚Äôs lives.  

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I had a reading from Joyce just the other day, and I was so amazed at the accuracy of what she saw in me. She shared with me all the things that she was seeing, and actually got very excited for me as to all the good that is going on and into the very near future for me. Afterwards I felt very blessed that I signed up for a reading from Joyce.  I would love to go back for more readings from her as I feel she is very accurate and genuine in what she sees and shares.  I would also highly recommend her to anyone who wants to see more about themselves.  Joe Stanley

I have known Joyce Snowden for several years. During this time, I have received several readings from her.  Joyce is both knowledgeable and gifted.  Her readings are accurate and to the point.  She is insightful and very kind.  I would recommend a reading with Joyce Snowden to anyone wanting a good, positive and very helpful reading.  Thank you, Joyce!  Kendara Laurel

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