Julie Strong

While both Julie and Vix have been aware of their spirituality for awhile, they didn’t discover their shared gifts until recently, finding that they work better together as a team than apart. Their guides revealing themselves to the mother/daughter duo one Halloween night and completely changing their perceptions of themselves, the world, and Spirit. 

Julie has been walking her spiritual path for fifteen years, her journey having more to do with confidence and knowing that she’s powerful. Spirit has blessed her with an amazing intuitive gift and with this new found strength, she’s excited and ready to share those blessings and move forward toward her purpose. 

Vix hasn’t been in touch with her spirituality nearly as long, but Spirit has opened itself up to her in countless ways in such a short time. Her gift of interpretation commonly takes her by surprise and she’s now excited as she believes that there will always be something new to learn and experience. As she moves forward, she wants to give other people that assurance. 

The two of them know they have a long way to go, but they are excited to explore new worlds, sharpen their talents, and meet amazing people. 

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  • General Spirit Guide Readings - Readings direct from Spirit.
  • Spirit Realm Exploration - Introduction to your Spirit Guides and their realm. 

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Spirit Realm Exploration

For a couple hours, join Julie and Vix on a path of discovery and exploration as they take a peek at the inside of your spirit realm. There, they’ll introduce you to the many spirits who love, protect, and guide you, give you an idea of how your personal realms work as they map it out for you before your eyes, and relay any messages your guides may have for you as well as get answers to questions you may have.

Anyone is welcome, from the people just dipping their toes in to those who are extremely familiar with their spirit realms and everything in between!

COST: $40.00

September 17th, 2021


Coming soon!

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