Karina Baylor

Karina is a Medical Intuitive, Spiritual Coach and Life Coach.  In July of 1991, she was in an auto accident.  It took a second pair of the “Jaws of Life” to get her out of the vehicle.  She woke in the hospital wondering who these people were; who were called parents, and what were these green things; in the form of money.  It was a few months later that the clairs started to emerge.  Karina went to massage school to understand the body, and to recognize what she was now seeing.  She started a massage business and found people coming to her for more than massage. People came for counsel, healing and for their truth.  It was during those sessions that Karina's gifts were revealed.  She understood what people needed; their bodies and spirits spoke to her. It was then she started using the phrase –the clairs…  She could see inside the body, and could see the energy levels outside the body.  Karina was hearing client’s guides as well as her own guides. Friends told friends and Karina's energy practice began.  

For the past 20+ years, Karina has been helping people.The body speaks, and the body part(s) light up in her view.Energy is moved to the lighted area for healing. Karina understands it is not “her”, the energy is of a universal nature. The energy has healed knees that were to be replaced, eyes that were going blind and backs that were going to have surgery on them.  

Some things that Karina has taught clients;

~ how to regulate one’s intuitive intake of information
~ how to balance and release one’s energy
~ how to create sacred space in oneself and in one’s home
~ how to create etheric boundaries for oneself

The responses from her clients are usually ones of gratitude for clarity, feeling better and more purposeful in one’s life.  

Karina Baylor

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Types of Readings

Karina provides intuitive readings and coaching for her clients. 

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“Karina is such a light in a dark world.  She has helped and is still helping my husband and I through some very deep spiritual bondage as well as communication problems we had been facing for years. She has been such an incredible light and so inspiring from opening doors, closing doors, teaching us how to continually work as partners to keep each other (spiritually) clean, to helping us with our communication; while also parenting out four young children with love and understanding.  I cannot express with words how helpful incredible and positive all of our work with Karina has been Thank you for the bottom of our imperfect hears.” – Annalise – Denver

“You are absolutely amazing, and others need to know.”  Annalise – Denver

“I am very grateful for your time and talents and support from the time we met through my time in Princeton through the beautiful information you conveyed today concerning my heart and Vicky.  You are a true blessing to me and I will never forget it.”   Tom - Illinois 

“Thank you for this much needed session.  It put a lot of things into perspective.  I don’t feel so stressed and chaotic.  I actually feel more positive and not drained, even more happier.  You’re an angel.” – Anna – Arvada

“Thank you for the reading – it was very powerful” – Nikki – Denver

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