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Katherine Blake Tomasson, a.k.a. the Joy Architect, offers the opportunity to break through any current difficulties in constructing a joy-filled life. She is guided by Nature’s own powerful life transformation and manifestation technology, the Elements. By tapping in to where you are on Nature’s Elemental map, our inherent internal guidance system for success, Katherine can guide you back into a trusting relationship with your own inner guidance to navigate your life with a sense of play and curiosity that keeps life engaging and empowering. 


Katherine is a spiritual teacher, Divine channel, and wisdom writer, who has been avidly exploring and evolving multidimensional consciousness for 20 years. Most recently, Katherine has spent time with some of the aboriginal keepers of Nature’s wisdom traditions in Australia and with the ancient keepers of this wisdom in the Himalayan mountains of Tibet. 

Check out her website for more information and for free audio downloads to start your journey to JoY now! https://katherineblaketomasson.com/


Private joy mentoring – Decide how you would like to enjoy life more and Katherine will guide you there. Discover what is blocking your joy and how you can transcend the block(s) together with Katherine’s nurturing support and the tremendous support system that she has access to through her divine connection. If you decide you are ready to experience your foundation of joy and lead a soul centered life, Katherine can guide you into the awareness and embodiment of your own soul expression and gifts. 
  • Price: 

    • Single session $150
    • Mentoring relationship for $600/month for 3 months, $500/month for 6 months
Joyful meditation classes(open for all levels): Introduction to Nature’s Elemental Map. Learn Nature’s way to: calm the mind, regain positivity from difficult past experiences, conquer feelings of loneliness, stand in your authenticity, unlock your own path to loving yourself, your life and those around you. 
  • Price: $147.00 for 5 classes over 5 weeks, includes two private consultations

Group joy mentoring- Living Your Dreams- (limited to 8 per group, must have a comfort with meditation and at least one private session) Use this class to anchor and weave your soul expression, into your everyday life until all avenues of your life are in support of your own joy and the upliftment of yourself and others. Learn the art and joy of soul to soul connection. 
  • Price: $497 for 3 months of weekly sessions 

Flow Your Magic

The purpose of this event is to uncover, explore and utilize the divine gifts we have been given that magically appear when we are called into divine action, the action of the loving, playful heart. Our inner spirit beckons us to use the flow of love to be of service in the world. When we choose to use this flow, magical gifts can emerge; capabilities that we did not know existed before we chose to be in the flow of love can arrive in a most surprising and wonderful way.

Even if you are already using your soul gifts in service, you may be looking for a way to collectively experience the fun and flow available to you to do so in a group setting and fine-tune your intuitive talents.

Within this collection of fun-loving beings, we will choose to flow love with the intention to create a field of the awakening of our natural gifts and then use them as they are called into action to bring everyone into this field. The purpose of this action is to playfully create group synergy with the field of love and magic itself. It is then the intention of the event to be given a gift of love from the field- the gift of a new capability, or awakening. The presents of presence.

Come join the magic of your deepest most playful self at its finest. If you have recently been called into divine service and you do not know of your divine gifts as yet it is ok. This field is a field that asks us only to give of our true nature, our loving presence. If you have recently found your gifts and have been looking for a place to use them, this is a safe and inviting place to do so. It is the intention of the event to bring us all further into the comfort and enjoyment of our calling in the world.

I cordially invite you to be as you are, come as you are, and play as you wish to play in the field of loving acceptance of all that you are. This means you may feel you are having an “off” day, come this way. You may feel you have nothing left to give, come this way. You may feel your wings need polishing, come to polish them here. You may feel you are the only one who is misunderstood in your family, we will love you any way you are, please come.

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Joy of Becoming

Joy Inside You

The Elements - Finding the Flow of Love


“Kate’s wisdom is so fundamental! Every time I was dipping or spinning in the why’s she raised me higher and always in that wonderful, light, Tao way… She churns out the simple core truth out of all the shades of gray!!! Even when I couldn’t explain the problem she could help me find the answer… Every time I am blown away by her ability to simplify even the most complicated things. She worked with me with such unconditional love and patience until I was able to see the beauty of my own light, my soul essence and its value in the world… I now appreciate myself not just for the love I can give others, but for the loving connection I have with myself, my divinity.” Amrapali Baksi  

“Kate is a wonderful, pure channel. I asked her to help me with an unknown blockage and in only one meditation we could solve everything. The way she sees and works with the energies surrounding us is unique – and brings pure joy!”  Manuela Immler

“I had a fantastic session with Katherine. The perfect channel for me came through. The connection was phenomenal, and I finally received answers to questions I’ve asked for years. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing took place. She is fun and amazing! Many thanks  to her. I highly recommend her.” Victoria Smith

“Katherine is one of the most talented, clear channels that I’ve ever known. She did a remarkable partner session with Ted and me- since then we have grown closer and much more flow has existed between us. I highly recommend her!” Kathy Mason

“It was a delight working with Kate and getting to experience how she channels higher frequency information into this dimension. While I’m fairly aware of my soul path in this life and higher work, she was able to help me understand some of the finer points which had been illusive previously and I look forward to applying these in my service. I recorded the session and will be able to continue to recheck our session for mining further gold!”  Angelia LaRue

“Kate has an amazing ability to recognize and convey to me the important issues that are happening in my life. In addition to making challenges seem like gifts to be overcome, the also gave me a very practical breathing and visualization technique that I have been doing regularly. It helps me remain grounded to the earth while strengthening my connection with the Universe. An awesome experience- highly recommended!" Ted Murray

"Katherine’s concept of the Elements gives me so much energy and JOY. It also gives me an opportunity to push through some hard stuff, by working with the Earth element, I can choose to face my fears, to work with the boulders that are stopping my flow…Now I know how to get into the “zone”, now I know that with the help of the Elements, by breathing and focusing, I can get there more often, and by decision, not by “accident”…yeah !" Ralph Johnson

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