Kevin Oakstreet

I am an intuitive, empathic reader that connects to the animal guides and Spirit during my sessions. Positive, supportive and always seeking illumination on overlooked facets of our lives, Spirit and our animal guides frequently find a way to convey a message to us that gives that "ah ha" moment, like we've known it all along, and my goal is to reveal and empower said messages. Yet those messages are but seeds that must be planted in our mind and developed until it is a part of our soul's garden.

Knowledge and understanding are the necessary tools we must have to fully comprehend the Universe around us and our role in it. I am a seeker of such knowledge and have only recently begun my journey to develop my gifts and connection to all things spiritual. I consider myself to have been asleep most of my life, only dreaming of what has yet to come for me. In the last few years, I have awakened and my eyes and mind are starting to open to a seemingly infinite world of beauty and light. It has been said by many, and I personally believe, that the Universe repeats itself until we are ready to learn from the message it is trying to tell us. Sometimes we are ready for it, but lack portions of the message necessary for that learning to take place. I would like to share that vision with you, and help you find that same light.


Animal Spirit Reading via Oracle Card

Intuitive and Meditative Communication with Spirit in all of its forms

Visionary Guide


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“We’ve been having regular readings with Kevin for several weeks now. There’s no doubt Kevin has a deep spiritual connection with the ethereal, and with his guidance we have grown exponentially as individuals and partners."

Naomi & Malcom

"I recently had a reading with Kevin McCarthy. I was very impressed with his ability to interpret the cards he pulled in a way that was definitive, not vague, and that I could understand. He was very accurate and the reading was right on with what is going on in my life now. I have been getting readings for 20 years and Kevin is one of the most gifted readers I have seen."

Pamela P

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