Lisa DeLong

Type of Readings

Animal Communications


• I am the Ambassador to the Animal Kingdom and an Animal Communicator
• I am a Frequency Healer who heals frequencies challenged by Time, Emotions, Soul Agreements and Soul Fragmentation
• I am an Intuitive channel for Galactic beings, Dragons, departed loved ones, Ascended Masters and Arch Angels
• I communicate with Crystals and stones and can “tune in to the Frequencies of the Universe’
• I communicate messages to others from Animals, Dragons, Mystical beings. Mother Earth, Extraterrestrials and more
• I am a Reverend with Universal Life Church
• I am an Ambassador and Certified Therapeutic Practitioner of Beloved Essences 
• I am a Certified Angelic Reiki Master and Teacher Level 4
• I am A Powerful Woman!


"Lisa DeLong is a PHENOMENALLY gifted healer and loving human being. She has so many beautiful talents and abilities that are truly amazing. She is easily able to energetically connect with whoever or whatever she needs to work with on or off planet. She can communicate with just about anything, people, buildings, planets, birds, vehicles, anything. She is an amazing animal communicator for any and all animals, in person, from a photo, over the phone, and even remote in a different country. She moves energy, clears negative space, works with the Ascended Masters and the White Brotherhood and has the ability to see, hear, know, smell, feel and taste energies. She is genuine and the real deal. Don’t doubt the messages and information she shares with you because she is always spot on correct. Her guidance is invaluable. If you get a chance to have a session from her or join a class she is teaching, don’t hesitate. You will be glad you did it. I’m so blessed to have Lisa in my life as a soul sister and friend." 
Hugs, Rajenaira-Madalyn


Phone: 303.249.7559  

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Lisa is scheduled as a Reader on the second Saturday of the month. Schedule is subject to change.

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