Lisa Eleni

Lisa is very conscientious about empowering women in her practice.  Due to varied life experience, Lisa is able to compassionately empathize with women that are in the midst of transitions and life changes. She incorporates meditation, journaling and art projects to help participants move the hurting energy into healing and personal empowerment. The skills that Lisa has acquired over the last fifteen years through various classes and retreats are interwoven with her artistic and intuitive abilities. That, coupled with her creativity and intuition level , make her a very powerful facilitator for healing. The focus is on getting participants in their heart space through meditation and journaling activities so they are open to self-discovery and can tune into their creativity and enjoy her ARTshops.  "The year of living with intention" ARTshop series involves a new art project each month that is infused with intention to serve as a reminder of what each person is manifesting.  Bringing home the art project helps each person to be mindful of his or her intentions and serves as a reminder to help each person stay focused and successful when manifesting.

Types of Readings

Lisa is also an intuitive tree reader. This is Lisa’s very unique approach to reading the energy of a participant. Through a tree reading, Lisa gathers intuitive insights for your life path and personality, helping you gain more self-awareness and clarity.  After drawing a tree in any way the client feels guided, Lisa intuitively interprets what is drawn to give the client insights into their personality, life path and self-awareness. This often leads to intuitive coaching in which further tools and insights are shared to tell the client much more about your current life path by bringing messages of hope, clarity and inspiration to live an intentional and happy life.


"I had no idea what could come from drawing a tree for you to read. I must say I'm so amazed that you could tap into my life through such a simple drawing!!" Robin from Arizona

"Lisa's reading has been an insightful and eye- opening experience which has allowed me to see parts of myself that I didn't acknowledge openly . However, when realizing them , a new perspective was formed.  It helped connect with my other side so I can live as a harmonious being.  Looking for future insights from her!"  Dennise from Costa Rica

"I have had the pleasure of having several tree readings at different phases of my life.  Each reading was quite different and gave me great insights in to my present and future paths .  I enjoyed the readings much I have gifted them to several of my friends and family.  I would definitely recommend Lisa's tree reading to anyone looking for some guidance and awareness in their life!"  Tina from North Dakota


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