Magical Fairy Playshop

When was the last time you connected with your inner child through laughter and play? Vialet promises to deliver a very fun event with lots of laughter, creativity and play as we all connect to the “fairy energy” around us. She transforms the teaching space into a magical fairy realm to support your experience.

The fairy energy brings in fairy dust, sparkles, laughter, dance and play. Bring your BFF and friends to the workshop and experience the fun together.

The fairy tells us, “Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that, you can make anything happen.”

At this playkshop you will be:
  • Making a Fairy Wand
  • Mixing Your Own Fairy Dust
  • Creating a Fairy Spray
You do not have to be crafty to enjoy this workshop. This is a very popular workshop for individuals that want to connect or reconnect with that little girl within themselves. Don’t miss this fun playshop!

Do you believe in fairies?

We believe in fairies at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts. They are a big part of our space and they love the Magical Fairy Playshop. The fairies love to play with everyone during the playshop. Vialet will sometimes have to ask the fairies to allow people to take photos of their cards and projects. They just want us to know that they are in the center and that they want to play too.

The next time you are at the center, check out all the fairy doors throughout the space. The fairies have a home with us and they will love to share their energy of joy, play and laughter. 


Vialet offers these playshops in April and May. 

The 2019 Schedule:

Early Bird: $25

You must prepay for this playshop at least seven days before the event. This allows us to have supplies and to be set for your arrival. The event will be cancelled if we do not have a minimum of two participants.

Register & pay online for playshop at:

MOTHER'S DAY: This is a great way to spend Mother's Day with your daughter or mother. Vialet has a program on Mother's Day every year, so that she can spend the time with her daughters and granddaughters. You can join her and the family on Mother's Day in a magical place with the fairies. 

Fairy Parties

You can schedule a fairy party with Vialet at the center based on availability. The party includes making a magical wand, fairy spray and fairy dust with your family and friends. Vialet sets a magical fairy village for your party. 

You are responsible for providing any of the refreshments and cake. This is a great way to celebrate a birthday or just as an event for you and your friends. This program is designed for a fun event for adults. 

The time frame of the program is two hours. It will include all of the supplies needed to make the magical wand, fairy spray and fairy dust. 

The cost is $25 per person
Minimum of four people
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