Marisha Gnossis

This young lady has been reading for 8 years and enjoys every second of it. With a touch of a hand she can see past, present, future or whatever the powers that be need you to see, through visons and tarot readings. She was born in tune with the world around her and loves nothing more than to help you down your path. 

Marisha Gnossis

Types of Readings

I provide tarot readings for those looking for their way and vison readings either by touch or no touch, or even a mix between both.

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"The first time I ever received a reading from Marisha, it was also the first time I ever met her. We did a cold reading, one where there was no clear question, just letting the cards speak the messages that they have. Marisha was able to call out major events in my life that had just taken place, and with specific detail. The message she read helped me grow as a practitioner, and she is now the number one person I go to for any tarot reading. As a tarot reader, I respect Marisha's style, she tells you what the cards say, not what you want to hear. If you listen, Marisha will be able to advise you and point out the things you may have missed. She is a talented intuitive and reader, and you will see that after just one reading like I did." Irene Alexander

"Gnossis is my go-to tarot reader. I've had more than 30 readings from her and I love her style. She tells you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear. She's always on point and very in tune with spirit." Ryan Whitey

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Monday - Friday from 10 am to 7 pm
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