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Welcome to Discover Your Spiritual Gifts' Media Library. One of the major differences that we offer to our community is FREE access to our media library. You are not required to pay a membership fee to get access to our articles, audios, videos, etc. 

We love our community and it is important to us that you are free to explore and discover new perspectives, information, and teachings without judgment or criticism. Take a tour of all the content we've created for you. If you find value in our offerings, please subscribe, like, comment, and follow us. If you'd like our most recent content sent directly to you each week, join our newsletter.

Our Blogs

Vialet and the team members write blogs for our newsletter. We send out a newsletter every Friday. 

Vialet's Blogs

Our Blogs

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Vialet's Books

Vialet has published several books. You can pick them in the store at the center OR you can order them online. Amazon and Barnes & Noble are carrying her books online.

You can check out her author page at: Click here

Sacred Magic: The Podcast

Our NEW Podcast - 

The main purpose of the Sacred Magic podcast is to share uplifting and motivational content where guests can share their stories, passions, and inspirations with our audience. Vialet is on a quest to bring sacredness back into our everyday experiences. Everyone can have an extraordinary life when they are able to tap into the sacred magic within. She creates a sacred and fun space for individuals to share information about themselves, their work, their passions, and their community. The podcast can be found on our podcast website, our website, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and YouTube.

You can subscribe to the podcast at: Click here

You can also watch the podcast on our YouTube channel.

Michele Thomas

Episode #13

Energy Alchemist

She is a Certified Medical Intuitive and Energy Healer. Michele teaches and inspires individuals to heal the wounds of the past so they can move forward with their life. 

Sabina Espinet

Episode #15

Artist & Illustrator

Sabina Espinet is an artist and illustrator of several oracle decks and contributor to the Pride Tarot deck. She is a first generation immigrant, born in Colombia to Caribbean parents.

Tiffany Patterson

Episode #16

Mompreneuer & Certified Dcode Practitioner

Tiffany works with moms and little ones in connecting with their intuition. Priestess energy, and magic. 

Vialet's Video Blogs (VBlog)

Vialet releases a weekly article in the DYSG newsletter. In 2023, she decided to record a video for every article. This allows those with a busy scheduled to listen and watch the video. She is also including a monthy guided meditation. If you do not want to miss these, register for the weekly newsletter. 

VBlogs 2023

VBlog 00

Crystals: New Beginnings

VBlog 01

MEDITATION: Clearing Baggage

VBlog 02

Shift Stuck Energy

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Discover Your Spiritual Gifts Podcast

Welcome to Discover Your Spiritual Gifts, the radio show! DYSG Podcast is hosted by Vialet Rayne & Dave the Mystic.  The purpose of this show is to provide stimulating discussions about spirituality and metaphysics, interviews with guests, information about upcoming events and insights into the spiritual realm. There are 80+ recordings.

You can subscribe on: Apple Podcasts, BlogTalk Radio, Google Podcasts, or Spotify. Check out our show. Thanks for listening! 

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Mark Earlix

Episode #76

Tracee Dunblazier

Episode #75

Guy Finley

Episode #74

Our YouTube Channel

Check out the Discover Your Spiritual Gifts' YouTube channel. We have hundreds of videos available on our channel. All of our podcasts, shows, and educational videos have been loaded onto this platform. Subscribe and receive the most up-to-date videos and programs about our center. Click here 

Vialet's Studio Webcast

This show was created during the COVID-19 Pandemic to allow individuals to stay connected and be inspired by other individual's stories. The main purpose of the show was to share uplifting and motivational content where the guests can share their stories, passions, and inspirations.

There are 50 videos with amazing guests, so check it out on our YouTube channel. If you love the content, make sure you comment and like the videos. 

NOTE: We have retired this show. If you'd like more educational content and interviews with great guests, check out the Sacred Magic podcast.

Hollister Rand

Hollister Rand is an internationally renowned medium, author, and speaker based in Los Angeles, CA. She provides specific messages from loved ones in spirit and is known for her extraordinarily detailed work.

Lynn Andrews

Lynn Andrews is the New York Times and internationally best-selling author of the Medicine Woman Series, which chronicles her three decades of study and work with shaman healers on four continents.

Becky Prater

Becky Prater is an educator, author, Life Transformation Coach, and Reiki Healer. She specializes in working with people who have hit a wall and are not moving forward.

Sacred Tools for Divine Living

Sacred Tools for Diving Living is a video series about spirituality and sacredness created by Vialet Rayne of Discover Your Spiritual Gifts. The series has 138+ videos on our YouTube channel. 

Angelic Reiki vs Reiki

Perspective & Reflection

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