The Magic Sky: Keys to Understanding Astrology

 Cyndi Stewart Deepening your Mystical Journey through Kundalini Yoga

Don’t know much about astrology? You’re not alone. Most of us learned our sun sign early on and identify with it to some degree.  But houses, conjunctions, squares, elements?  It all seems so complex. Yet, astrology is coming into the culture in a big way.  

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Crystals for Clearing

4.22 Trust Your Instincts

We are connecting with the crystals, herbs, and essential oils to bring in clearing for yourself and your space. This month, we are learning about clearing energies. As you move through your day, you pick up people’s energies and they leave their energies in your space.   

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Business Corner: Ground Your Ideas

03 22 Business Vialet Blog Headers 2022

Have you ever grounded your business ideas?

This is the perfect time to think about your business’ mission and vision. Why did you start your business? What was the purpose of the business?

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Spirit of the Holidays

4.22 Trust Your Instincts

What does the spirit of the holidays mean to you?

The holidays should be a time of gratitude, giving, and celebration. November is the month of being of service and gratitude.

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Holiday Survival Kit

4.22 Trust Your Instincts

Do you enjoy this time of year?

I love the holidays. However, everyone does not feel that way about the holidays. Some individuals are depressed or anxious during the holidays. They are missing loved ones that have passed, they live far from family or friends, they have sad memories of past holidays, and/or they are alone. The holidays can be tough for them.

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Acknowledging your Magic and Release Karma

 Cyndi Stewart Deepening your Mystical Journey through Kundalini Yoga

Late Fall is such an interesting time, it’s the space between completion of a season and a new cycle of opportunities. On one hand, there can be sadness from the summer ending and having less time with the Sun. At the same time, it can also be invigorating feeling the crispness of the Fall and having the space to slow down and ease into Winter.

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