Using Mantras to Manifest Money: How to Attract Abundance

Nikki Celebrating Ostara

Money is a crucial element in our lives, as it enables us to acquire the things we need and desire. However, financial challenges are common, and many people struggle to attract the wealth they need to achieve their goals. One way to overcome financial obstacles is to use mantras to manifest money.

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Celebrating Ostara: What It Is, What It Means, & Why It Matters

Nikki Celebrating Ostara

Happy Ostara season! It may not feel like it here in Colorado, but spring is here.

Many ancient cultures followed the cycles of nature and the changing of the seasons to mark time and to understand the world around them. The four seasons represent different aspects of daily life and were often, but not always, associated with different gods or goddesses.

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Setting Clear Intentions

How to Shift Stuck Emotional Energy

As a magical creator, I have discovered that everyone has magical powers within themselves. It is important to understand that your thoughts, words, and actions create your reality. The goal is to keep yourself in a positive mindset, so that you can manifest more blessings into your life.

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Perfecting Boundaries

How to Shift Stuck Emotional Energy

How can we perfect our boundaries? When setting boundaries, we are setting limits around our time, as well as our emotional, mental, and physical bodies. We each have a limited amount of time and energy every day and we are in control of how we would like to use these resources. By taking your power back, you can create a healthy life for yourself.

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Creating a Healthy Relationship with Yourself

How to Shift Stuck Emotional Energy

The most important relationship in your life should be the relationship with yourself. Many times, an individual will expect that their joy and happiness should be created by the closest partner in their life. They expect their spouse to be responsible for their levels of joy and happiness. The truth is that you must take responsibility for your own joy and happiness.

What brings you joy?

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Crystals for Confidence

Crystals for Love

These crystals bring in confidence. If you are struggling with your confidence in your personal life or at work, these crystals can assist you with bringing in the creativity and confidence needed to move forward in your life.

Need a BIG dose of confidence for your life?

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MEDITATION: Peaceful Harmony

MEDITATION: Releasing Your Baggage

Find a comfortable place without distraction.

Set your Sacred Space.

Light a candle.

Take some deep, cleansing breaths.

Allow each breath, in and out, to center and ground you.

When you are ready, begin the meditation.

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