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Your Relationship with Food Starts with Your Inner Self

Your Relationship with Food Starts with Your Inner Self

I connect our relationship with food with a healing journey. If you have knowledge of the Hero’s Journey, this is “the call” to adventure or transformation. Its acknowledging endings and old identities and using your wounds as wisdom. 

A healthy relationship with food, weight loss resistance, body acceptance image and food choices are not about perfection, its the progress, the journey (or adventure), the inner work and transformation that leads to the outer physical transformation. Similar to any other soul journey.

The hero’s journey is my go-to when a pattern is stuck, when I need a deeper perspective or a new look within and I want to spark a readiness for change. 

  • How or what are the nugget’s (or teachings) from my journey that my soul is experiencing in this human life. 
  • Many times, the outer transformation is the go-to first because it fits societal norms and can have a definitive approach, i.e., drink shakes for 30 days, go to the gym 3x a week, take Vit D.

It’s really the inner transformation that is needed first, which includes thoughts and behaviors, and is approached on a physical, emotional, heart, and soulful level that leads to the outer transformation.

“The relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have.” Robert Holden

Start off 2022 with incorporating enlightening Inner Work through Spiritual Yoga and a Healthy Relationship with Food!

Friday January 7, 2022, 9:30a-10:45a in the Angel Room

Kundalini Yoga for a Healthy Relationship with Food and Body Acceptance 

This class is about creating a healthy relationship with food, your body and connecting with mindfulness. It's common for us to become highly critical and spend time criticizing how we look. The body responds negativity by feeling less than. This kriya is about feeling good in your own body, feeling vital again, repairing self-esteem and moving into self-empowerment and loving yourself.

Link to Register

Can anyone do Kundalini yoga? Yes

Even those with knee problems because most exercises are on the floor, and for those who can't sit on the floor comfortably, they can sit in a chair

How a class is structured;

  • Tuning in and an introduction to Kundalini yoga
  • An overview of Topic
  • Warm up poses
  • Kriya (series of Kundalini yoga poses)
  • Guided meditation on the class topic, option to journal (Journal writing Guide provided)
  • Closing mantra

How to prepare for a class?

Dress comfortably, bring a yoga mat, blanket or sweater/sweatshirt for Savasana (final resting pose), water bottle and a journal.* Journal is optional.

To learn more about Kundalini yoga and to preparing for a class, listen to my short videos. https://www.rootcausehealthsolutions.com/kundaliniyoga.


Written by Cyndi Stewart, Ph.D.
Cyndi has been practicing Kundalini Yoga for over 15 years and completed her training with Kundalini University's Yoga Alliance RYT 200-hour certification taught by Guru Singh. Cyndi uses Kundalini Yoga to keep her body flexible, calm her nervous system, diminish brain fog, improve digestion and liver function, and increase her intuitive connection. Cyndi Stewart, Ph.D., is an Akashic Records Healer, Practitioner, and Trainer and teaches Nutritional Alchemy & Yoga.
To learn more about Cyndi please visit https://www.rootcausehealthsolutions.com/

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