Kundalini Yoga: Connecting with Your Alchemy

Kundalini Yoga in the Akasha Realm

You can connect with your inner alchemy, or creative energy and the magic of our higher realms for shifts and transformation through Kundalini Yoga. In early spring we plant the seeds of creation, and late spring we bring in the energies of transformation or our Alchemy, to complete the cycle.

The word Alchemy speaks to our soul. For some, this word may bring an ancient image of turning lead into gold or magic. Its all of that, and it’s an inner spiritual gold or the golden nuggets that’s our soul’s wisdom or alchemy. Connecting with your Alchemy is an internal process, a personal transformation journey using intuition and creating a connection that is sustainable and adaptable to flex with one’s lives and its encounters.

Alchemists paid attention to and sat with their internal and external intuition, which many have lost. It’s easy to ignore the signs of how we feel and regard them to age or genetics. Although, age and genetics are real, we have learned that we are much deeper and complex beings than these two indicators. Alchemy is transformation and is understood or can be experienced by those who are exploring personal or self -development work and creating different directions in their life. Even if one is focused primarily on a health or physical change, the mind and spirit are also impacted if there is an awareness to it. That’s where the real alchemy or golden nuggets lie.

To connect with your Alchemy, working your physical body through Kundalini yoga also connects us to our emotional and spiritual bodies because Kundalini yoga works on the subtle body, which is needed for deep transformation.

The Kundalini Yoga class, Connecting with Your Alchemy is about connecting with higher realms and activating inner wisdom through movement for flow. The poses and meditation are designed to integrate your inner and outer alchemy and expand your creative universal energies.

The class is on Saturday May 7, 9:30am to 10:45am

COST $18.00 per person

Register for this event here: https://mailchi.mp/3782d46880b1/kundalini-yoga-5-7-22

To learn more about Kundalini yoga and to prepare for a class, listen to my short videos. https://www.rootcausehealthsolutions.com/kundaliniyoga.

Common Questions

Can anyone do Kundalini yoga? Yes

Even those with knee problems because most exercises are on the floor, and for those who can't sit on the floor comfortably, they can sit in a chair

How to prepare for a class?

Dress comfortably, bring a yoga mat, blanket or sweater/sweatshirt for Savasana (final resting pose), water bottle and a journal.* Journal is optional.


Written by Cyndi Stewart, Ph.D.
Cyndi has been practicing Kundalini Yoga for over 15 years and completed her training with Kundalini University's Yoga Alliance RYT 200-hour certification taught by Guru Singh. Cyndi uses Kundalini Yoga to keep her body flexible, calm her nervous system, diminish brain fog, improve digestion and liver function, and increase her intuitive connection. Cyndi Stewart, PhD, is an Akashic Records Healer, Practitioner, and Trainer and teaches Nutritional Alchemy & Yoga.
To learn more about Cyndi please visit https://www.rootcausehealthsolutions.com/


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