Acknowledging your Magic and Release Karma

 Cyndi Stewart Deepening your Mystical Journey through Kundalini Yoga

Late Fall is such an interesting time, it’s the space between completion of a season and a new cycle of opportunities. On one hand, there can be sadness from the summer ending and having less time with the Sun. At the same time, it can also be invigorating feeling the crispness of the Fall and having the space to slow down and ease into Winter.

Here we can focus on our heart space and take a breath into the enchantment of the holiday season. During this change in energies, when we close a doorway, it’s easier to influence what opens up next.

Sometimes karma, attachments or outdated patterns can make it challenging for the endings, as we hold on to the comfort, even if it causes discomfort. As the sun dims, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the year, acknowledge the magic, release the attachments, and use this time to renew your awareness to your magnificence. Now that’s something to celebrate!!

On Sunday November 13, I’m holding a ½ day Writing and Meditation retreat, “Heart, Soul, and Primordial Sound” in Littleton Colorado

Primordial Sound is derived from Vedic teachings, it takes our awareness from the analytical mind to a place that quiets the thinking process, and eventually beyond trapped thoughts so we can enter into peace, consciousness and into a sphere of infinite possibilities.

This retreat is for those seeking inner peace and gratitude while completing Late Fall and releasing karma, to easily move into the energies of Winter with Grace and a Magical You!

Join this retreat and give yourself the gifts of..

  • Release karma and easily move into the energies of winter with grace and a magical you
  • Acknowledging the magic and letting go of attachments  
  • Connect to flow, synchronicities, and grace
  • Finding comfort in the knowingness and unknown   
  • Receive writing prompts to go deeper and with the collective energy of the group  
  • Learn the power of using meditation and journal writing together
  • Experience peace with Primordial Sound Meditation. These are Mantras based on the vibration of the universe and parallel to when we incarnated
  • Take time for you! Quiet your mind, look past anxiety, and respond from a place of stillness and calm
  • Get set up with a reflective practice through the 2022 Seasons and Holidays

“Journal writing and mediation is a great way to get your repetitive thoughts out of your head and be in flow with your soul essence and purpose.”  Cyndi P Stewart

Date Sunday November 13, 2002

Place: Discover Your Spiritual Gifts, Littleton CO

Time: 10am-1:30pm

Investment: $77.00

Bring a writing utensil and journal  

A workbook and light snacks will be provided

Link to register


Written by Cyndi Stewart, Ph.D.
Cyndi has been practicing Kundalini Yoga for over 15 years and completed her training with Kundalini University's Yoga Alliance RYT 200-hour certification taught by Guru Singh. Cyndi uses Kundalini Yoga to keep her body flexible, calm her nervous system, diminish brain fog, improve digestion and liver function, and increase her intuitive connection. Cyndi Stewart, PhD, is an Akashic Records Healer, Practitioner, and Trainer and teaches Nutritional Alchemy & Yoga.
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