The Magic Sky: Keys to Understanding Astrology

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Don’t know much about astrology? You’re not alone. Most of us learned our sun sign early on and identify with it to some degree.  But houses, conjunctions, squares, elements?  It all seems so complex. Yet, astrology is coming into the culture in a big way.  

Even major news services are talking about some of the finer points: planets in “retrograde”, full moons with strange descriptors (really, there’s a strawberry moon?), and Pluto hanging out in Capricorn. Is there a secret code to all this?

Thankfully, there are keys that can unlock the secrets of the Magic Sky and how it works in your world. If you’re interested in getting your “starter” key set, please join us at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts for the Introduction to Astrology Series starting in January 2023.  You’ll find details soon on their website and in their newsletter. The individual class fee is $20 for a full-hour teaching session.  Hope to see you there!

In the meantime, here are a couple of keys to get you started. 

Key One:

Your astrological chart is a map of energies working with you individually at any given moment.  These energies act as catalysts to turn potentials into realities.  For instance, let’s say that every morning for as long as you can remember, you do the same thing:  get up, stumble to the kitchen to make coffee, and head to the computer for a dose of morning news.  Then, one morning, you wake up and tell yourself, “I want to change things up. Today I’m going for a two-mile walk. Before coffee. Before opening my computer.” So, you get up, put on your sweats and walking shoes, and head out the door. And you do it the next morning and the morning after that.  About the third day, you wonder, what happened? 

Most likely, several planets in your chart came into a positive alignment, giving you an extra boost of inspiration, confidence, and drive to try something potentially scary. Something you’d never done. The potential was always there, but the Universe offered you a hefty nudge and you responded.  You pushed back on your limiting beliefs (“I’m just not an exercise person”) and revealed capacities you’d had all along.

Key Two:

The universe is about growth, and that includes you. At its core, your astrological chart is a guide to becoming your best self in this lifetime. While we might wish that fame, wealth, and power were the true markers of what’s “best”, we know they don’t necessarily make us better people.  Sure, you may achieve some recognition, financial stability, and influence along the way. Fantastic.  

But the Universe is primarily interested in the quality of your soul while you’re doing all of that. The ancients had it right: this earthly journey is about transformation. In modern-speak, it’s about your spiritual and psychological evolution.  Are you learning how to love and heal yourself? Are you living into your gifts and potentials? Are you starting to break generational patterns of abuse, abandonment, and shame? Are you becoming more compassionate and helping others on their healing journey?

The energies we encounter day to day represent choice points.  You can keep living old patterns that keep you stuck, or you can choose to grow by living more intentionally.  You can start collaborating with these powerful forces instead of just reacting to them.  When you really commit to that, then get ready. It’s seat-belt time and you’re on the ride of your life!


Written by Morgan Leigh McKenna
Morgan Leigh McKenna is an experienced depth astrologer and life guide. Using the astrological birth chart as a starting point, Morgan helps you, identify limiting patterns, discover your hidden potentials, and embrace key opportunities.
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