New Divination Decks for 2023

Nikki Milton.Divination Decks for 2022

I’ll admit it. I have more tarot and oracle cards decks than any person would ever need. However, I just love cracking open and sitting with a new deck.

I’ve uncovered quite a few new card decks that will be released this year. While it's getting tougher to convince me I need to add to my collection, several of these have me tempted.

Check out this list of 2023 releases.

January 2023

2023 Divination Blog Tarot of Oneness

Tarot of Oneness
Publisher: SoulsticeHealing

The Tarot of Oneness is an 84-card tarot deck that enables you to connect with your divine guidance and embrace Oneness. We are all channeling the energy of the fool when we step into a new adventure with innocence and excitement. We all experience death and rebirth, justice, judgement and the lure of unhealthy vices. We all need to be reminded to see things from a new perspective and that the ending of one thing is the beginning of another.


February 2023

2023 Divination Blog Oracle of the Wylder Ones

Oracle of the Wylder Ones
Publisher: Llewellyn

From a whimsical world charged with insight, symbolism, and premonition, the wylder ones are here with guidance and affirmations to bring joy and adventure to all you do. These unique messengers love your curiosity for the future and your desire for self-awareness. Filled with Sharon McLeod's enchanting imagery on each card face and gold foil embellishments on each back, this inspiring oracle deck invites you to glimpse the unknown, play with possibility, and craft a life of delight.


March 2023

2023 Divination Blog Whispers of Aloha

Whisper of Aloha Oracle Deck
Publisher: U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

Embrace the bliss, empowerment, and spirit of Aloha through Angela Hartfield’s oracular ode to her island home. In her signature style, Angela illuminates the wisdom within the artworks, so they convey personal meaning for revelatory readings. The lush imagery provides visual connections to the harmonious landscapes of Hawaii, where wondrous worlds meet. Includes 44 cards and a 160-page guidebook.

2023 Divination Blog Oracle of Portals

The Oracle of Portals
Publisher: U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

Between what is and what may be, are the realms of possibility. Open the door and step through to behold the dreams that call to you. You are forever on the threshold of becoming, and now you can navigate the liminal spaces to open the gateways to your brighter future. Journey through and explore this beautifully illustrated 44-card set, with 148-page guidebook and let your pathway unfold.

2023 Divination Blog For the Love of Dragons

For the Love of Dragons
Publisher: U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend never met a dragon. Inside this deck by popular artist Amy Brown, you’ll find majestic guides, petite playmates, cute companions and wild free spirits. They are all allies to those who hold faeries and fables dear. Because of their voracious appetites, they have tasted many truths, imbibed much wisdom and learned a thing or two about navigating the skies of change. They also recognize their own. Though you may not be able to detect them yet, you have wings. Your psyche is equipped to soar: through your own adventures, beyond your wildest imaginings and into the realm where impossible things happen every day. Discover the power of fire and flight in this special collector’s book and deck. Set includes 44 gilded-edged cards, organza pouch and 104-page guidebook, packaged in a magnetic hinged, matte laminated box.

2023 Divination Blog Midnight Magic

Midnight Magic
Publisher: Adams Media

Welcome to a tarot deck of mushrooms, where you’ll find 78 unique tarot card designs based on the mysterious world of mushrooms. Based on the symbolism of the Rider Waite deck, these cards depict traditional tarot archetypes through images of fungi, from the authoritative, red-capped Fly Agaric as the Emperor to the brightly colored Chicken of the Woods as the impetuous Fool and so much more!

2023 Divination Blog Dream Weaver Oracle

The Dream Weaver's Oracle
Publisher: Hay House

Reveal the threads of fate and weave your dreams into the fabric of reality with this oracle deck that connects readers to our forgotten mystical allies, the dream weavers.

Discover the forgotten myths of the Dream Weavers, mystical beings who made their home in the hidden realms before the cosmos was created. They weave the threads of fate and destiny with those of our dreams to create patterns in the fabric of our reality—stories that we are able to interpret through tapping into our intuition with oracle cards. Each card—intricately illustrated by renowned artist Joel Nakamura—uses symbols and metaphors to represent a different aspect on your epic journey of evolution, co-creation, and self-discovery.

April 2023

2023 Divination Blog The Unfurling Goddess

The Unfurling Goddess Inspiration Cards
Publisher: Rockpool Publishing

Embody the divine self within to become the sacred human. The alchemy of one individual embracing their uniqueness releases unstoppable, healing waves of light into the collective-trust, the great value of gentle, human kindness.

2023 Divination Blog Moonflower Deck

How to Be a Moonflower Deck
Publisher: Chronicle Books

Embrace the magic of nature after dark with this beautifully illustrated card deck by New York Times bestselling author Katie Daisy. Each of the 78 cards feature Daisy's night-themed artwork and a prompt to engage with the unique inspirational power of the evening hours: Listen for night sounds, read a book by candlelight, or draw a recent dream. Pick a card each night as a ritual or select one when you feel called to reflect, create, or adventure. An immersion in nature's nighttime wonders-star fields, night-blooming flowers, and more-this deck is a lovely gift for those who thrive in the moonlight.


May 2023

2023 Divination Blog The Law of Positivism

The Law of Positivism Healing Oracle
Publisher: Hay House

Discover how to attract positivity, healing, and good vibes into your life with this inspiring 50-card oracle deck that includes illuminating, uplifting artwork.

2023 Divination Blog Elemental Empath

Elemental Empath Oracle
Publisher: Earth Moon Magick

Experience the transformative power of self-love and healing with this one-of-a-kind deck, crafted by an empathic soul on a journey of self-discovery. For all empaths seeking to be seen, understood, and heard, this deck is a beacon of light and a source of inspiration on your own path of growth and self-discovery

June 2023

2023 Divination Blog Healing Waters

The Healing Waters Oracle
Publisher: Hay House

Where there is water, there is life. Water is an element that has long been infused with sacred blessings and rituals, and recognized the world over as a source of healing. Before we made our entrance into this world, we all gestated in the watery world of our mother before being birthed into another water world—this one.

The Healing Waters Oracle calls you to tune in to the sacred rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans that surround you and celebrate water as our most precious resource. It offers a system to support you in connecting with your inner world and also to deepen your connection to the sacred waters of this world.

2023 Divination Blog Mushroom Spirit

Mushroom Spirit Oracle
Publisher: Rockpool Publishing

In the Mushroom Spirit Oracle, you will find 36 hand-drawn images of mushrooms from all over the world. Each mushroom has a message for you. The guidebook not only guides you with answers you may be seeking on a spiritual level, it also goes into the medicinal aspects of known mushrooms and how we can bring these incredible beings into our life to raise our vibration and physical health.

July 2023

2023 Divination Blog Dia De Los Muertos

Día De Los Muertos Oracle
Publisher: Llewellyn

On the Day of the Dead, the veils thin and the departed return in a celebration of life. Tune in to this rich and festive tradition with Emily K. Grieves de Reyes Contla's vivid artwork, which she painted in Teotihuacán, México. Featuring a 216-page guidebook full of inspirational messages and practices for honoring and communing with your ancestors, this 44-card oracle gives you an authentic experience of Día de los Muertos. Shuffle the deck, choose a card, and welcome angels, saints, music, and memories into your heart and home.

2023 Divination Blog Mabon

Seasons of the Witch – Mabon
Publisher: Rockpool Publishing

This is a beautifully designed book and card deck set. Each of the 44 cards in this oracle deck is a seed of spiritual guidance - inspired by ancient Mabon traditions - to find answers to your most profound questions.

August 2023

2023 Divination Blog Wisdom of Pooh

Wisdom of Pooh Tarot
Publisher: Rue & Vervain

78 cards to remind us that we are braver than we believe, stronger than we seem, and smarter than we think. (A. A. Milne) A tarot deck in the RWS system with 22 Majors and 56 fully illustrated minors with a mixture of original artwork based on E. H. Shepard's illustrations for A. A. Milne's Winnie the Pooh as well as new artwork created by artist, Kat. L. Amsel.  


Which ones are you most looking forward to this year? I'm not sure I can decide! So many cool new options to choose from. Happy 2023!


Written by Nikki Milton

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