Sacred Magic Podcast

This podcast was launched in the Summer of 2022.

The main purpose of the Sacred Magic podcast is to share uplifting and motivational content where guests can share their stories, passions, and inspirations with our audience. Vialet is on a quest to bring sacredness back into our everyday experiences. Everyone can have an extraordinary life when they are able to tap into the sacred magic within.

Magic is the art of shifting our experiences through our sacred consciousness in accordance with Divine will.

Vialet creates a sacred and fun space for individuals to share information about themselves, their work, their passions, and their community. This is a casual conversation without formal introductions.

GUESTS answer these questions:

  • What sacred experiences have influenced your life?
  • What inspires your work today?
  • What universal magic guided you on your spiritual path?
  • What advice would you provide to someone who is connecting to their passions and divine purpose?
  • What are the gifts that you offer to the world?

If you are interested in being a guest, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get details about the show and to request an interview. This show is a video recording. 

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Jen Welte

Episode #01

Psychic & Medium

Anita Shukla-Accardi

Episode #02

Yoga & Energy Healer

Becky Edwards

Episode #03


Rev. Dr. Stephanie Red Feather

Episode #04

Champion of Empaths

Maureen J. St. Germain

Episode #05

Ascension Teacher & Author

Donna DeNome

Episode #06

Master Success Coach

Michael Cutter

Episode #07

Life Purpose Coach

Shamanic Healer

Elle Swann

Episode #08

Author & Mermaid

LIVE 10/29/22

Jaymi Elford

Episode #09

Tarot Author

Alison DeNicola

Episode #10

Release: 11/11/22

Author & Inspirational Teacher

Granddaughter Crow

Episode #11

Release: 11/25/22



These shows coming soon!

Kerri Hummingbird

Soul Guide

Host of Soul Nectar Show

Michele Thomas

DYSG Team Member

Healer & Coach

Sabina Espinet

Deck Illustrator

La'a Leela Prais

Trans Channeler

Nova Maddux

Psychic Medium

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