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Sacred Magic Podcast

The main purpose of the Sacred Magic podcast is to share uplifting and motivational content where guests can share their stories, passions, and inspirations with our audience. Vialet is on a quest to bring sacredness back into our everyday experiences. Everyone can have an extraordinary life when they are able to tap into the sacred magic within.

Magic is the art of shifting our experiences through our sacred consciousness in accordance with Divine will.

Vialet creates a sacred and fun space for individuals to share information about themselves, their work, their passions, and their community. This is a casual conversation without formal introductions.

BE A GUEST: If you are interested in being a guest, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get details about the show and to request an interview. This show is a video recording. 

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2022 Episodes

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2023 Episodes

Wendie Colter

Episode #58

Medical Intuitive 

Release: 11/11/23

Fay Johstone

Episode #57

Shamanism & Herbal Medicine 

Release: 11/4/23

Victoria Wright

Episode #56

Inspirational Author & Speaker 

Release: 10/28/23

Sue Lion

Episode #55

Author & Illustrator 

Release: 10/21/23

Ari Moshe Wolfe

Episode #54

Evolutionary Astrology 

Release: 10/14/23

Hope Hughes

Episode #53

Reiki Master & Crystals

Release: 10/7/23

Kelly Burton

Episode #52

Tarot Reader & Deck Creator 

Release: 9/30/23

Ben Stimpson

Episode #51

Author of Ancestral Whispers 

Watch the Video

Release: 9/23/23

Kimberly Purcell

Episode #50

Tarot Reader

Watch the Video

Release: 9/16/23

Mello Mitchell

Episode #49

Reiki Master & Yoga 

Watch the Video

Release Date 9/9/23

Heather Kokx

Episode #48

Enneagram Coach 

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Release Date 9/2/23

Michelle Burke

Episode #47

Award-winning Author 

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Monica L. Morrissey

Dr. Cassandra Shuck

Lisa Stewart

Episode #44

Intuitive Business Guide 

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Dr. Susan Shumsky

Episode #43

Spiritual Teacher & Author 

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Mystery School

Episode #42

SPECIAL Vialet B Rayne

Watch the Video

Lisa Alexander

Episode #41

Quantum Metaphysican 

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Jill Amy Sagar

Episode #40

Professional Tarot Reader 

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Sarah Albright

Episode #39

Astrology & Numerolgy

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Emily Wishall

Episode #38

Embodiment Coach 

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Summer Solstice

Episode #37

SPECIAL Vialet B Raune

Watch the Video

Marilyn Gewacke

Charles Cox

Episode #35


Watch the Video

Denea Hugunin

Episode #34

Multifacted Energy Healer 

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Teresa McBee

Episode #33

Whale & Dolphin Energy 

Watch the Video

Divinely Guided

Episode #32

SPECIAL Vialet B Rayne

Watch the Video

Janet Langmerier

Episode #31

Spiritual Explorer

Watch the Video

Carrie Donatelli

Episode #30

Business Owner & Creator 

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Episode #29

Tricia Magee & Vialet

Watch the Video

Trina Schneider

Nova Maddux

Episode #27

Witch & Psychic Medium 

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SPECIAL: Relationships

Episode #26

Heather McCormick & Vialet 

Watch the Video

Melanie Sheree

Kris Franken

Episode #24

Storyteller & Mystic

Watch the Video

Heather McCormick

Episode #23

Psychic Medium 

Watch the Video

SPECIAL: Self Love

Episode #22

Tiffany Patterson & Vialet 

Watch the Video

Lora Cheadle

La'a Leela Prais

Episode #20


Watch the Video

Heather McCormick Rimey

Episode #19


SPECIAL: Healing

Episode #18

Michele Thomas & Vialet 

Watch the Video

Tiffany Patterson

Episode #17

Mompreneuer & Dcode Practitioner 

Watch the Video

Lynn Mortensen

Episode #16

Student & Seeker

Watch the Video

Sabina Espinet

Episode #15

Artist & Illustrator 

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Vialet Rayne

Episode #14

A New Year

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