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Over the years I have helped many people step into their gifts, release old wounds and connect with their passion and power. Whether you're just beginning or wondering about the next steps... I can help.

What could possibly be more important than living joyfully, passionately true to ourselves and the world we live in? We live in a time of science but science alone cannot solve the issues we face in in our lives. We must look to the inner world of the mind, emotions and spirit if we are to truly thrive. My quest has been for decades to bridge the ancient knowledge of the mystics, yogis and shamans into modern life in authentic, practical ways. Eventually, life gave me that experience. I was in critical health, lived homeless and failed in life. But in the hospital ICU in a coma-like state I had a vision that called me to live with a clear focus and purpose. It was a powerful download showing my path forward. Following the vision tested me and instilled a deep faith in following the guidance from Spirit. My journey led me to meet with the Shamans, healers and wisdom keepers that showed me how to further reclaim my power and help others. 

I have carefully chosen the services I offer to assist people in the most effective ways possible. I believe that spirituality and healing needs to result in tangible practical results or it is mere entertainment. I have full confidence in these methods to assist you in your journey. You are always in the perfect place and NOW is always the time.

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Michael Cutter ‘Heartsong’
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Types of Readings

Michael uses IIHA Hand Analysis and various intuitive methods to give insight, support, and guidance for authentic living.

Virtual Readings available

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“Think of your suffering as an invitation from the Universe to step into your gifts and purpose in life.” – Michael Heartsong

Michael’s Life Purpose work is focuses into two aspects – life purpose and trauma healing. Our gifts and trauma/challenge are two sides of coin of life purpose. They cannot exist without the other and stepping into our gifts also requires healing trauma, whether it be ancestral, personal or conditioned.

Life Purpose Hand Analysis (IIHA)
IIHA Hand Analysis is not traditional palmistry, but a comprehensive window into your inner world. It is evidence-based, scientifically proven system and gives stunningly accurate insight into your inner world. You will understand your soul psychology, personal psychology, trauma and how its all related and necessary for you to step into your gifts and live a fulfilling life. Whatever your challenges are, these sessions will put everything into perspective and show you path to freedom.

Shamanic Healing
When deeper issues are persisting and holding you back these sessions cleanse and bring healing. Michael specializes in the spiritual cleanse developed through study with a Navajo shaman and apprenticeship in Quechua style Limpia from the high Andes of Ecuador, Shamanic Soul Mending and the use of drums, singing, sound, ancestral prayer healing. These touch deep psychological issues for cleansing and resolution.


Shamanic Healing Circle / Journey

May 16th, 2023

Shamanic Healing Circle / Journey

June 20th, 2023

Shamanic Healing Circle / Journey

July 18th, 2023

Shamanic Healing Circle / Journey

August 15th, 2023

Shamanic Healing Circle / Journey

September 19th, 2023

Shamanic Healing Circle / Journey

October 17th, 2023

Shamanic Healing Circle / Journey

November 21st, 2023

Shamanic Healing Circle / Journey

December 19th, 2023


A profound and lasting shift occurred after my healing session with Michael Heartsong. A healer of sorts myself, I’d felt stuck in the last 5-8yrs, feeling depressed and low energy but not knowing why or what to do. The next day following my healing session with Michael, the blocks were gone and I felt a renewed strength that lifted me up to make new decisions and live more empowered on my path. Deep gratitude to you Michael for your gifts and service! - Julie – Denver

I believe that yesterday, while you were blessing the drum and me, your singing and drumming opened up a portal. Today, I started sobbing uncontrollably in grief, and my "voice" came out in sounds that I felt were stuck. I started drumming and song/wail from deep within. I am loving this most precious drum. The sound of your singing touched me deeply. Thank you my friend!! —Julie Zeckman, Denver 

Michael provides powerful core-level guidance. My session with him highlighted my deeper calling and gave practical suggestions on taking the next step into my personal power. I am extremely grateful for the beautiful healing space Michael holds in his sessions. As a healer myself with over 20 years experience, I can say that Michael brings a unique and highly valuable skill set to the table. - Jenny Grace – Bellingham

Michael gave me a hand analysis/reading and it was very accurate to my personality and life. He confirmed many things I’ve felt for a long time and provided new perspectives that gave me needed clarity. I’ve since taken a completely different path that now allows me to focus on finding joy in helping others! Amazing! - Age Renée– Denver

Michael is an extraordinary intuitive, and spiritual counselor. His authenticity, and expression of life and the the way he shares his life experiences have been quite invaluable for me. I just had my first palmistry reading with him. It was mind blowing! He was able to see my core gifts and challenges through my finger prints, and all the information he shared totally resonated with me. He also offered some advice that I found it very helpful for moving forward. I feel more confident, and hopeful that I am not alone in the "school of love"... Thanks Michael! - Luna – Denver 

I feel validated, affirmed. My path continues to be more and more clear. Michael helped me see & learn parts of myself that I needed to see. His wisdom and way of explaining is soft, strong, clear and direct. This has been a beautiful experience. Thank You! - Spencer Merage – Denver, CO

Michael was amazing and extremely helpful! I would love to see him again in the future and have recommended him to a few others. - Taryn R.

He was very knowledgeable on the hand analysis. He seeks to teach and guide, more than just tell you what he sees. I felt like he resonated with and understood my experience. - Anonymous

Michael is very attentive and took the time to listen and understand what I was going through. His reading was very helpful. I would recommend him to others for a hand analysis and healing. - Trina

It was an amazing experience and I've noticed the impact on my life. - Mariah

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