Monthly Energies

Monthly Energies 

Each of the months hold specific energies for our lives. The students on the path of Sacred Priesthood work with these energies each month. 

  • JANUARY: New Beginnings
  • FEBRUARY: Self-Love 
  • MARCH: Connections
  • APRIL: Inspiration through Action
  • MAY: Creativity 
  • JUNE: Growth
  • JULY Celebrations & Family
  • AUGUST: Harvesting
  • SEPTEMBER: Reflection
  • OCTOBER: Magick
  • NOVEMBER: Service
  • DECEMBER: Completion

The Sacred Candles of Intention class has the students select their monthly tarot cards for the year. Each month, the students review their monthly energies and tarot cards for insights. 

I have a ritual of pulling cards for each month of the year. This ritual has been one of my life rituals for over ten years. I have found that the universe provides me with strength, support, and guidance throughout the year in my cards. I will pull my cards during the Sacred Candles of Intention process at the end of the year. If you were unable to attend this program, you can still pull your cards for the year.

In my ritual, I use the major arcana (0 Fool through XXI The World) of my favorite tarot deck.

  • I pull out all the major arcana cards.
  • I light a candle and set sacred space for my ritual.
  • It is important for me to be in the right space of mind when I do this ritual.
  • I get out a piece of paper and write down the months on the paper: January through December.
  • I shuffle the cards and select a card for each month.
  • I write down the card for each month.
  • I set the card for the month on my altar, so I can be focused each month.

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